The Neon Judgement

Today’s post features Belgian new wave act the Neon Judgement, a two piece outfit currently reactivated after a temporary hiatus.

Neon Judgement formed in a town outside of Brussels in 1981, and since then the duo of TB Frank and Dirk Da Davo have been creating synth driven music with a dash of electronic violence and a sprinkle of rock and roll ideology. Neon Judgement would release several records and remixes before briefly disbanding in 1998. However, as the two reunited in 2004 to promote an upcoming remix collection in Europe, the band was also reactivated as a creative unit. In 2005, the band also released The Box, a 2cd set comprising live tracks and rarities alongside classic cuts.

On the side, member Dirk Da Davo also spearheads the Neon Electronics side project, composing new material and reworking old tracks.

The first of two tracks I’ve uploaded is the top-off track from the 1986 record Mafu Cage. The second hails from 1989’s General Pain and Major Disease.

download The Neon Judgement- ‘Awful Day’
download The Neon Judgement- ‘Factory Walk’

For a live performance of ‘Miss Brown,’ click the video below:

…and for more on the Neon Judgement, including a link to pick up some cds and merchandise, here’s their homepage for your clicking pleasure:

The Neon Judgement homepage
Neon Electronics homepage

3 Responses to “The Neon Judgement”

  1. Highlander Says:

    Good work Frankie – I posted ‘Chinese Black’ as part of the ‘Electronic Body Music’ compilation. Love that song so will definitely be checking these out. Thanks.

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    that looks like a pretty stellar compilation…i recently got ahold of the borghesia full-length and may post a few highlights (or maybe even the whole thing) shortly!

  3. For anyone that likes neon judgement, check out dirk’s other project neon electronics.

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