Asylum Party- Mère LP

My very first post in Systems of Romance featured French coldwave greats Asylum Party, formed in 1985, who released a duo of solid records and a series of captivating singles before their demise.

I’m fulfilling a request for today’s post- for I’ve uploaded the entirety of their second record, Mère complete with the Ticket to Ride 7” attached as a bonus. These two tracks appear on the CD reissue, also rather hard to get ahold of. With that in mind, happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen!

Asylum Party- Mère LP
1. Pure Joy in My Heart
2. Sur La Route
3. It’s Over (Dead Folls Damin)
4. Mother
5. Pas Très Loin
6. Someone Else
7. Un Sang d’Hier
8. Madhouse Grass
9. Euphoria
10. Le Temps des Serpents
11. Inner World Is Up (Jump)
12. Ticket to Ride
13. Beside

*download it here!*

14 Responses to “Asylum Party- Mère LP”

  1. if there is anything in my humble hands that i can do for you, just ask.
    the eternaly joyous and thankful Furious man.

  2. any chance we could get any of the earlier ones released on vol 1?
    wink wink…

  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    i don’t have the collection proper, but a slew of singles and one offs. i’ll tkae a shuffle around and see what i can come up with.

  4. awesome much thanks. that comp and the originals of it are soooooo hard to track down.

  5. Thanks for posting. Just found this while looking for the Grey Years collection. Can’t find it in this country but 30-50 bucks gets it from somewhere in Europe. Thanks again!

  6. El Limbo von Punsch Says:

    Here’s the Grey Years vol. 1 (disc 2)

  7. El Limbo von Punsch Says:

    And the Grey Years vol. 2 (disc 2)

    Need the “Borderline/Picture One” to complete the collection ?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Need the rest of the Grey Years
    vol.1 (disc 1)
    vol.2 (disc 2)
    please help!?

  9. Can you help me? I can't find any links.. all invalid.. :S

  10. thank you for posting this n_n

  11. merci for the tracks, pure joy in my heart 😉

  12. so beatuful,no more bands like this,thanx from argentina

  13. Bless you!

  14. Just discovered this band and love the sound. It would be very much appreciated if someone could re-post the Grey Years vol1 and vol 2.

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