podcast 02

Systems of Romance- Podcast 02

1. Wild in Blue- Suicide
2. Confusing Outsides- Martial Canterel
3. Magazine- Bunnydrums
4. Fallout Fever- the Floor
5. A Day’s Wait- Altered Images
6. A Shoulder to the Wheel- Bel Canto
7. Rain in the Summertime- The Alarm
8. The Path of Least Resistance- The Human League
9. Ungawa pt. 2- Pulsallama
10. Seagull’s Eye- The Snake Corps
11. Be Brave- The Comsat Angels
12. Looking From a Hilltop (restructure)- Section 25
13. Violent Heartstrings- The Opposite Sex
14. Scream Like an Angel- Brilliant
15. Arena II- Colourbox

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