Schleimer K- Fugitive Kind 12”

Sorry for the delay folks, haven’t had much time to catch my breath. To make up for the lack of posts this week, I’m tossing up two separate entries throughout the course of today. The first is another request from down under, and it’s for both the s/t Schleimer K record and their very first 12” release.

Schleimer K were a four piece UK based experimental synth band who existed from 1981-1983. During their two year tenure, the more studio oriented band put out three releases and one split 7” with Die Partei. You can nab 1983’s Wounded Wood, their final LP, up on Phoenix Hairpins. Otherwise, here’s the info for their first two releases:

Schleimer K- Schleimer K LP (1981)
1. Cold Sounds
2. Crime
3. Come To Me
4. Short Cuts
5. On The Road Again
6. Wolf
7. The Message
8. Bed Of Roses
9. Women
10. Hang-Ups
11. Nevermore

Schleimer K- Fugitive Kind 12” (1982)
1. Fugitive Kind
2. Third Rate Man
3. She’s Gone
4. Broken Vein

*download it here*

I’ve just reuploaded the 12”, as the S/T (and Wounded Wood) are now available via iTunes. You know what to do, folks!

4 Responses to “Schleimer K- Fugitive Kind 12””

  1. Curious Guy Says:

    Thanks for the Fugitive Kind 12″.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    thanks! just love those teutonic beats on most of their tracks…

  3. oldskool Says:

    This is very dark and depressing, so I cannot listen to it very often. But neithertheless it's high quality stuff. I alwalys loved their tracks on the "The Wonderful World of Glass" and "Dokument – Ten Highlights …" compilations. Strange name, by the way. "Schleimer" is in German a bootlicker. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thank you Frankie.

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