Secession- A Dark Enchantment CD

Another request fulfilled today, ladies and gentlemen. This one’s for short lived Scottish synth band Secession’s lone LP, entitled A Dark Enchantment. The four piece band formed in 1983 and split after a few singles and the aforementioned record, calling it quits by 1987. They were involved briefly with both Siren Records and the infamous Beggars Banquet label.

After Secession’s split, members Charlie Kelly and James Seenan co-formed Scottish pop band the Vaselines with Charlie’s brother Eugene and Frances Mckee. Coincidentally, we just caught the Vaselines in concert, as they’ve just reformed for a few US dates, but Charlie and James were nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, lead Secession vocalist Peter Thomson passed away in the late 1990s.

A Dark Enchantment is apparently limited to 1000 copies on LP, and is the only record the band has released on compact disc (which is the version I’ve uploaded, complete with a handful of bonus tracks). If you see either, snap them up, as they’re both incredibly scarce. Otherwise, here’s the digital details:

Secession- A Dark Enchantment CD
01. Eventide
02. Promise
03. Love Lies Bleeding
04. Sneakyville
05. Winifred
06. The Box That Holds A Secret
07. Ocean Blue
08. Radioland
09. The Magician
10. Love Lies Bleeding (Reprise)
11. The Wolf
12. Eventide (Theme From A Dark Enchantment
13. All The Animals Come Out At Night
14. Michael
15. Havoc
16. Promise (Dub)

*download it here* (NEW 320 CD rip courtesy of Jeffo!)

26 Responses to “Secession- A Dark Enchantment CD”

  1. hello
    thanks for this one, i only know a few songs and would like to listen to this album. cheers:) jacyk

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    welcome! i also have a 7” recording i may post in the near future.

  3. Fantasmi Says:

    Beat me to it!

    At least its you..


  4. pitshade Says:

    Hey, thanks! Recently discovered this band on a compilation CD and meant to look for more.

  5. Hello … new here. THANKS SO MUCH for this! Been looking for a copy of the album for a while now. THANKS!

  6. my fave band of the 80s

  7. Love this group. Got the LP and a few 12″ singles at the time, such as the Magician and Michael. Was very surprised they didn’t get anywhere.

  8. Eccentric Scholar Says:

    Gorgeous! Thank you for this darkly enchanting music!

  9. As a DJ I was a big fan of Secession and have several of the 12" vinyl selections, at some point I would like to get these over to mp3 and digitally cleaned up as they are not represented on A Dark Enchantment, anyway, I will try to find my way back here….

  10. Wow 1000 copies i have this on LP vinyl i never knew it was so rare, i also have a few of the 12" singles on vinyl, still a little suprised it was such a limited release

  11. I had the vinyl, CD and most of the 12"s! I recorded them and sold them a while back. Bougt the CD for 3$ @ a second hand shop and ended up selling it on Amazon for 100$ +. Great addition to your blog! This anonymous person is (Rob Feutz – DJ RAF, out of MKE & CHI).

  12. Hello, are the lyrics somewhere on the web?

  13. planetEarth Says:

    Thanks for saving us $108 on amazon. This music is so awesome and obscure and it's great that other people have great taste in music and are willing to share!

  14. a.foolish.arrangement Says:

    Thank you for posting info about Secession. I acquired A Dark Enchantment on vinyl back in 2000, but could never find info on the band until now. I love rare and forgotten 80's music!

  15. Evandro Says:

    Pete Thompson (who was actually known on the Glasgow music scene as "Pete The Facist") used to beat his girlfriend up & was a horrendous homophobe and racist….he actually took his own life by hanging himself in a London hotel room and put through an early morning call so that his wife would discover the body…..Charlie Kelly's brother is Eugene Kelly from another Glasgow band The Pastels…..

    • manolo konosko Says:

      @Evandro – if this is true, then FUCK PETER THOMSON, FUCKING ASSHOLE MOTHERFUCKER – Now rotting in a grave, his white racist skin a cesspool of putrid gelatinous matter. may he burn in hell forever and ever.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oh well at least he wrote and sang Class

  16. Thank you.. It’s hard to get this album.

  17. OMG the story of vocalist Peter is saddening…another example of the cursed artist…such a horrible story and end to a group that produced such a touching album. The Magician’s lyrics got me through some very tough times…
    It just goes to show you despite our own human frailties and
    Misgivings something beautiful can still come from us
    That even if we lived and produced a painful existence for those who loved us
    Indirectly, the love deep within our art somehow still managed to touch someone else’s heart and make the world a better place

  18. Is Peter the one singing in the video “Touch?”

  19. I always thought he looked very gay. What is that Fire Island single about? LOL

  20. I downloaded a copy of the song “The Magician” many, many years ago and today, it is still one of my favorite songs ! Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !

  21. Thansk for this post. Good job

  22. First of all. Don’t believe everything you read. That band was a true genius. It’s hard enough to have one hit song. They had at least 8 incredible tracks. True classics. Last test of time. Vocals were incredible. Arrangements of the songs were great. Club Nrg use to play the magician dance mix every night back in 1987. Truly a awsome time. I don’t like to say anything negative to a band who made soang people so happy. And one who lead singer died so tragic.
    Peace out. Nrgman

  23. B. Spec Says:

    A big thanks! Secession was ahead of their time and gone way too soon. An outstanding band! Synthpop Legends!

  24. I actually discovered a copy of this in my loft. Whats it worth?

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