new links for:
fall of saigon
ceramic hello
baroque bordello
family fodder
aerial fx
bunnydrums on the surface 12”
schleimer k
shoc corridor- train of events
shoc corridor- experiments in incest
testcard f

slowly but surely, i’m trying to reupload the backlogs, starting from some of your more recent requests and working backwards. please be patient. everything will be reuploaded eventually, and new posts will resume sporadically.

8 Responses to “reupload”

  1. Thanks for the reUp, enjoying SAIGON very much!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    please reUp Baroque Bordello !

  3. Thanks a lot for the Baroque Bord. LP, if possible reUp Sleep Chamber-“Musik For Mannequins Cassette”……thx

  4. Please reup Guerre Froide, thanks

  5. hello.
    i tried to download the podcast-set but i does not work.
    is there an alternative to get those files?

  6. cletus_buckley Says:

    it would be super rightous lf you could re up load robert rental acc 7″, if you get the chance. Love the double Heart 7″ but heard hear is only other 7″. Heres a mixtape thingy anyways what you might like.

  7. battyaurora Says:

    I would be eternally grateful if you could re-up the silicon teens’ music for parties LP, the boytronic LP and the Lydia Lunch/Clint Ruin stuff. Whenever you get a chance. I would be so HAPPY.

  8. I’m glad is not the world’s end just to keep on listening to this records.Thank you always and ha ve agood year.Big greetings from patagonia.You make somebody very happy down here.

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