Just a brief bit here to address something. I have removed my email address from the side bars and profiles due to an overwhelming amount of inappropriate emails from band managers and promoters. In short, I am all for discovering and promoting new music, but the amount of emails coming in promoting music that is in no way appropriate for this blog has been overwhelming and downright annoying.

I used to try giving each a whirl, and it’s not that the majority of them are bad (though some are), it’s just not what this blog is meant for. Any new artist I promote on these pages is at my own discretion and at my own discovery, and are truly new artists I believe in 100%. So if you see this, please think twice about sending an email with an EPK, myspace profile, links, or lengthy review poaching, because chances are, it will end up in the digital trash box.

To those eager to send a more appropriate email about bands in question, requests, and the sort, I apologise for cutting off the most direct form of communication, but should you need to be in touch, please leave comments in the blog and I will get back to you posthaste.


PS- Stay tuned over the next day or two for some rare Airstrip 1 material!

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  1. Hey Frankie! whatever you do don’t shut down your blog dude! It’s a great resource…I’ve found a couple of great Edmonton bands,
    Jenson Interceptorand Darkroom – San Paku, which I’ll rip later. And a Vancouver band called Family Plot. Are you interested? And I’m waiting on the Dixon House Band.

  2. frankie teardrop Says:


    I'll be keeping the blog open for a bit for sure, granted that one takedown doesn't open the floodgates.

    Anyway, I'm definitely interested in the Family Plot & Darkroom records, and will check out your sendspace link ASAP (and post it up if it's diggable). Thanks in advance, for both the rips and the support!

  3. Cool! here’s a rip of another Edmonton pop/wave band from ’85 called ‘VOICE’ featuring a young Dwayne Goettel of Skinny Puppy fame. Very rare.

  4. Jeff (uberbelly) Says:

    Here’s Family Plot ripped from cassette @320. This is FP with Naomi McLeod singing (though there are two Madeleine Morris tracks in the file). Don’t know the date but has to be early ’90s.


  5. Television Says:

    sorry to hear about the spam, and sorry if this is just piling on top of it all…

    i was hoping you could identify this band for me,

    its from the psychic rally 11-89/12-89 tape set

  6. frankie teardrop Says:

    without even downloading, i’m familiar with the psychic rally series, and i’m afraid i’m unsure of the exact contributors to that specific release, as all information doesn’t give an artist or specific track names/contributors. however, for a list of all the people involved with that particular recording, take a peek here:

    hope that helps, as maybe unhelpful as that is… any more specific, and your guess is as good as mine, i’m afraid.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hey now don’t let these people who are trying to shut your blog get you down. Without blogs like yours, their music would’ve still have been unknown and they wouldn’t have given it a second thought about re-releasing their music.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    This is a wonderful site…thank you!!! Are you still able to take request?

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