Störung- The Art of Combining Cassette

Astute fans of minimal wave should already be familiar with Störung, a duo from the Netherlands who released one classic full length record in 1982 (get it here on Mutant Sounds). Their sound combines some of the most striking minimal electronics with dirty guitars, bass, and alternating male and female vocals.

The band formed in 1981, and during their lifespan released both the This is Future LP and the respective Dreadful Dance 7”. Though a recent archival release by Minimal Wave Records (currently available for a meager $8.50!) appeared two years ago, the band had only these releases under their belt, but still had several unrecorded tracks in their repertoire. An unofficial cassette was released by their label, Combinator, in 1983. The bootleg featured several Störung staples alongside a series of unreleased tracks, recorded during one of the band’s live sets. These are the only known versions of some of these tracks, and though the quality is a bit warm due to the nature of the release, it still holds up as an additional piece of the Störung puzzle.

Without any further ado, here’s the information for the release:

Störung- The Art of Combining Cassette
1. Empire SX
2. Nooduitgang 2
3. Modern Fetch
4. Drums Keep Thundering
5. Europe Calls
6. Radio Lines
7. Onweer
8. This Is Future
9. Siberia
10. Don’t Want To Know
11. Warschau Pact

*download it here*

Note: Also posted on the No Longer Forgotten Music blog. Check out his impressive backlogs!

As a further supplement, here’s a video for a live performance of “Warschau Pact,” recorded in 1983.

8 Responses to “Störung- The Art of Combining Cassette”

  1. 433 RPM Says:

    are you going to repost everything i did? why not do music nobody has?


  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    1. aside from das ding (which i realised after the fact), i have been unaware of anything i've duplicated.

    2. how long ago did you post this? i didn't get the files or information from you, nor do i have the resources or time to scour every blog in the sphere to check for redundancies.

    3. my blog may reach some readers yours may not, and vice versa. overlap just helps to get the music out to wider audience.

    4. i don't care if someone takes any files i upload and rehosts them for their blog, so long as my words aren't stolen. does it really matter that much?

  3. Stephen Says:

    Wonder if 433 RPM got his post up before Minimal Wave repressed their stuff. If so, we should suggest to Veronica that she destroy the vinyl.

    433 RPM: This is about the music and musicians, not you. Keep in mind that you are posting copyrighted material and you can't claim rights.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    #3 applies to me. Thank you for posting this, Frankie.

    433 RPM, get over yourself. Unless you had a hand in the creation of this music you have no claim to it. So what if you ripped it. Once you make the files available for download they are no longer yours. Don't want your rips redistributed? Don't post them online.

  5. 433 RPM Says:

    no, it doesn't matter

  6. Anonymous Says:

    this is great, thanks for posting this! you don't also happen to have their "inside the black box" album as well?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I enjoy this Blog, great to see the thing is kept alive! Pls note that the 'This Is Future' album is re-released on Clogsontronics records (

    And more is to come !


  8. @Stephen – Money grubbing culture thieves STFU

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