Ohama- I Fear What I Might Hear LP

Today’s post features the 1984 debut LP from Ohama, essentially a one man minimal wave project helmed by Canadian musician Tona W. Ohama, with occasional lyrical contributions by Johannes Halbertsma.

Over the course of three years, Ohama released two LPs and three singles. All of these releases (and more, including the 1986 Ohama Meets Dania LP) have been collected in an impressive 9xCD boxset, which may very well still be available by contact with Minimal Wave’s site. Should you dig this release, and should it still be available, I encourage you folks to snap up a copy of the set posthaste! Otherwise, here’s the info for the record.

Ohama- I Fear What I Might Hear LP
1. Of Whales
2. Sometimes
3. Feelings
4. Midnite News IV
5. Where Do You Call Home?
6. Midnite News II
7. Body Of Vagrant Waves
8. Part In Peace

*download it here*

13 Responses to “Ohama- I Fear What I Might Hear LP”

  1. Jollyherb Greenthumb Says:

    HUGE, I mean motherfucking mammoth gargantuan HUGE props for this post man…you can't find Tona's stuff ANYWHERE!! As if I needed any more reasons to love your blog…you rock!

    —Jollyherb Greenthumb

  2. Just listening. The first track is so great, it should have been a big hit. Cannot wait to hear the rest. Thank you!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I inquired of the box set when I first heard of it. I never got any responses. I'll bet it was good. I love the track he did on the mw compilation.

  4. hey thanks for giving folks the chance to check this out before hunting down one for ourselves!!


  5. I have got the box set, and guys, if you can get a hold of it, don't hesitate!

  6. tona walt ohama Says:

    This album has never been re-released except as part of the retrospective box set. It was re-discovered by University of Edmonton and charted during the April 2009 (went to #1 on CJSR)


    25 years earlier, during it's release this album was #1 at the same radio station in Dec 1984.

    Thought you'd like to know.


    p.s. any chance for a link exchange??

  8. Wow. Been trying to replace some of my old vinyls over the years and had given up on Ohama's stuff.

    I grew up in Calgary and he was highly popular there as well. His creativity and originality were inspiration to many a young, budding electronica artist in the early and mid-80s.

    Thanks for the share and if that was the real Ohama who left a comment a couple above, thank you for the music and the memories.

    Glad to see you getting some recognition byu the youth of today!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    thank you based god

  10. i like ohama because of use of the system synthesizer oberheim, he gave those instruments a new wave feeling between new order and ryuchi sakamoto, great lp.

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