Sequins and Spandex: Parte Tre

Since it’s been a regrettably long time since I’ve made one of these, I am pleased to unveil the latest addition to the Sequins and Spandex series. Unlike the previous installments, which featured a few modern cuts inspired by the original classics, the third in this series of italo, space disco, and hi-nrg dance traxx contains fourteen original tracks, dating from 1980-1987.

I had enough leftovers to make part four (and hell, maybe even a part five) in a few weeks time, so stay tuned! Otherwise, without any further ado, here’s the tracklisting:

Sequins and Spandex: Parte Tre
1. Cybernetic Love- Casco
2. The World at Your Disposal- La Grotta
3. When I Let You Down- M & G
4. Bad Passion- Steel Mind
5. Telephone Computer- Crazy Gang
6. Never Ever- Peppermint Lounge
7. Love is Like a Game- Hot Cold
8. ‘Cause I Need You, ‘Cause I Love You- De De Mo
9. Voyage, Voyage- Desireless
10. Disco Band (Vocal)- Scotch
11. Young Men (Special Radio Version)- Nite Lite
12. Body Heat- Fockewulf 190
13. My Frames- Amin Peck
14. I Wanna Fly Away- Blue Russell

*download it here*

If you’re new to the blog or missed the first two editions of Sequins and Spandex, click HERE to nab ’em!

NOTE: If you downloaded this earlier today (10am or so, EST), redownload this version, with a corrected version of the Amin Peck track, courtesy of Veronica!

12 Responses to “Sequins and Spandex: Parte Tre”

  1. Thanks for putting it up again! Lookng forward to hearing this.

  2. Hello, thanks for posting such a great Italo compilation!
    If you have the 1882 version of the track "Lemonsweet" by Bagarre can you please post that too,
    That would be much appreciated,

  3. Been meaning to post a comment for a while – this blog is excellent. One of the best.

  4. Riveratore Says:

    thanks for part three!!! your previous sequins have been consistently on repeat as the soundtrack for countless derives and psychogeographical experiments around Los Angeles. (and btw, thanks also for including the wonderful Nite Jewel on Sequins part deux) if i want to share a link, should i send it via IM to your band's myspace page? thanx again!


  5. frankie teardrop Says:

    marco, you can find my own personal myspace page right on the band page.. should just be frankie teardrop. feel free to drop me a line!

  6. robotronik Says:

    I love this deviation from your normal fare- what killer tracks, what guilty pleasures. A million little happy sighs when this mix plays! Currently downloading Parts 1 & 2, can't wait…

  7. frankie teardrop Says:

    the third part is the most true to italo form- the first two have a few more modern tracks sprinkled within, but some killer stuff all the same! hope you enjoy!

  8. Katharinemary Says:

    frankie – your blog is amazing!!!! i'm working my way through in utter excitement … i tried this link to Sequins and Spandex Patre Tre but it doesn't seem to work?? maybe its my mac but i thought i'd mention just in case as i really want this edition … Desireless and M&G particularly x kate x

  9. Stuck in Limbo Says:

    Hi frankie, love these mixes. But the third one "Tre' wont' DL. It stalls. Is something up? I'll check again later. Thanks!

  10. frankie i love parts 1,2,4 and 5, for w/e reason zshare only lettin me download 1.83MB of part 3 🙁 dunno bro t_T

  11. frankie teardrop Says:


  12. White#Trash Says:

    Some of my killers teenage trax here!!!

    Turning on!!! yyyyyaaaauuhh!!

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