The Essence- A Monument of Trust CD

Real quick post today, folks, but here’s the second Essence record, released in 1987 via Midnight Music. The band were still a three piece at this point in time, featuring the same lineup as their debut, so the sound doesn’t stray too far. I do happen to prefer this record to Purity though, by a hair!

Otherwise, this particular upload contains two bonus tracks plucked from the A Mirage 12” (the extended mix and “Lollipop”), as well as “The Happiness” another b-side from the This Cat 12”. Perhaps the band couldn’t fit these tracks on one LP record, but it’s nice to have them in a cleaner format, for sure! On that note, here’s the information for the record. Enjoy!

The Essence- A Monument of Trust CD
1. A Mirage
2. Drifting
3. In Tears
4. Nothing…
5. The Waves of Death
6. The Happiness
7. Lollipop
8. Years of Doubt
9. Fire
10. The Death Cell
11. A Monument of Trust
12. A Mirage (Extended Version)

*download it here*

8 Responses to “The Essence- A Monument of Trust CD”

  1. holy shit man. start to finish, this record is killer.

  2. Please God, tell me you also have Ecstasy. This is not bad for a Best Of record, but I've got to have the album from which most of the good tracks are culled. I've just about given up hope of finding Ecstasy in its' full glory. Never should have sold my vinyl.

  3. that signature twangy 80's guitar. i can't get enough of it….

  4. Thank you.

  5. muchas gracias, a uno que vive en el confin del mundo cuesta mucho conseguir estas cosas

  6. thank you for uploading this. great album. do you by chance have nothing lasts forever, ecstasy, or glow? those are the ones im still missing. I know they have a combined cd with nothing lasts forever and ecstasy but there are less songs on that version.

  7. un super groupe merci encore

  8. satiariapocalipsis Says:

    Man, thanks a lot for all of this.

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