Repetition- The Still Reflex 7”

Have a few more 7” records to post over the next little while, so might as well keep them coming. This particular post features a solid 7” by Belgian post-punk band Repetition, a five piece featuring an ex-member of Spizzenergi (Pete Petrol). The two tracks hail from 1981, and sound a bit Siouxsie-ish, a rather popular sound at the time.

The band released one other 7” in 1981 before switching vocalists. Their final release featured a male singer and dropped in 1981. Sarah Osburn, vocalist for the first two releases, married the Heaven 17’s Glenn Gregory after he produced her follow-up band, Allez Allez.

Repetition- The Still Reflex 7”
1. The Still Reflex
2. Fade Out

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 5.31.13)

6 Responses to “Repetition- The Still Reflex 7””

  1. This looks good!

  2. As you say, the sound is Siouxsie-ish. But no lame imitators, the songs are really good if you listen more than once. Thanks for sharing and for providing that interesting background info!

  3. A great band, love this sound! Now, did they relaease an album(on cassette)?? I read they did, do you have any magic up your sleeve to post it on your great site? (from will at thanks for one excellent site!

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  5. Repetition- The Still Reflex 7”
    1. The Still Light

    should be

    1. The Still Reflex

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