Profil- Profil LP + Bonus

Here’s a handful of posts to get you through the week. First up, we have the lone LP (complete with bonus cuts) from German NDW band Profil. NDW isn’t usually my standard fare, but some of these tracks are certainly winners, including the first two tracks, and the majority of the bonus material. Expect some jerky,synth-driven rhythms, some perfect for the dancefloor while others a little more spastic, but entertaining all the same.

Not much else I can tell you about the band. According to discogs, they were a five piece outfit, and released a handful of singles on Welt-Rekord (owned by Peter Hein of Fehlfarben and also responsible for some key Grauzone releases).

Essentially, the LP alone consisted of 10 tracks, many of which were scattered across their earlier singles. Included in this upload, however, is the remaining b-sides from the debut Beruhren 12” (1981) and the band’s final release, the Leb Wohl Mein Schatz 12” (1983). Looks to be a complete discography, minus the shorter edit of “Leb Wohl Mein Schatz,” but including the Dub Mix not found on the previous Mutant Sounds post. Enjoy!

Profil- Profil LP + Bonus
1. Berühren
2. 1964
3. Schwimmen Im Geld
4. Regennacht
5. So Kühl
6. Ich Liebe Dich
7. In Form
8. C’Est La Vie
9. Lieber Gott
10. Toscana
11. Berühren (Long Version)
12. Immer Mehr
13. Leb Wohl Mein Schatz (Long Version)
14. Leb Wohl Mein Schatz (Dub Version)
15. Du Lügst

Tracks 1-10 from Profil LP (1982)
Tracks 11 and 12 from Berühren 12” (1981)
Tracks 13 and 14 from Leb Wohl Mein Schatz 12” (1983)
Track 15 from Leb Wohl Mein Schatz 7” (1983)

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED* – this has been reissued by Genetic Music in 2016!

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  1. In the 80’s, I worked on a swiss rock radio Couleur 3. In the black hours, we played Regennacht, a nostalgic ballad. I’m happy to find this tune on YT and on your blog.

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. You can upload again the link? thank you

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