Steven Grandell- Animal Angst LP

You may have seen this one over at Mutant Sounds in the past, but here’s a rather clean and fresh rip of this classic minimal synth LP by Steven Grandell, self-releaed in 1984. A little more experimental than most minimal synth recordings, complete with jerky rhythms, strange instrumentation (violins, xylophones, etc.), and detached vocals, but still quite catchy in the end.

A few copies of the LP were once sale via Venus DeMars, but I do believe they’ve since sold out. Currently, the artist is releasing music as Venus DeMars and All the Pretty Horses, which you can check out here. Here’s the info for this LP:

Steven Grandell- Animal Angst LP
1. Burn My Eyes
2. There’s Got To Be Something
3. Confession Of An Innocent
4. Lead
5. Fear
6. Isn’t It Time
7. Flight At The End
8. Great Big Earth
9. I Am Human
10. Radio Sleep

*download it here*

4 Responses to “Steven Grandell- Animal Angst LP”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why do I feel like I'm listening to Talking Heads side project?

    Great post,

  2. Wonderful! Thank you!

  3. […] Steven Grandell – Flight At The End […]

  4. Christopher Ross Says:

    Sincere talent from the soul.
    Authenticity in the current of Byrnes, Bill Nelson, Eno, and Bowie.

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