Dr. Strangelove- Demo K7

I’m not usually fond of posting cassette rips, but this one’s an exception. Here we have an unlisted, scarce demo tape by Scottish synthpop band Dr. Strangelove, who were active in the early 1990s.

This seems to be their only “release,” though the band did, in fact, make a promotional video for the first track. They soon disappeared into the ether, without a trace. However, just a few years ago, 3 of the 4 members reconvened and formed Analog Angel, re-recording many of their older songs in a newer format. Their re-recording of “Why Do You Do” is virtuallty identical to the original, quality improvements aside. Analog Angel have, in fact, released their debut album, which can be purchased via their webpage.

Their promotional video gained a bit of internet notoriety when it appeared with the tag “Depeche Mode-esque.” Naturally, forming in the early 90s and adopting a synth-pop sound, Depeche Mode was a major influence in both style and execution. Fans of Black Celebration and Music For the Masses should enjoy this one.

Dr. Strangelove- Demo K7
1. Why Do You Do?
2. Consequences
3. ‘Title Unknown’

*download it here*

Sorry I can’t offer any artwork, but here’s the video for ‘Why Do You Do’ for your viewing pleasure:

6 Responses to “Dr. Strangelove- Demo K7”

  1. Vanilla Face Says:

    Always liked this song, but have to say — never heard a bigger, more blatant DM influence in any other band, and that's saying a lot! I mean, even the video looks like an old DM video. The singer looks like Dave and the other member looks like Alan. In any case, still a nice tune. I remember I played it for a friend once telling him it was a recently leaked DM song from the Music For The Masses era and he believed it — haha!

  2. This is what I hated most about most of the Synthpop bands of the 90's, they all sounded like Depeche Mode or Erasure. Any time a musical style becomes a genre, it produces a ton of clones and the originality dissipates. The bands of the late 70's and early 80's were bands that used synths to make music, not synthpop bands.

  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    i must admit that i do get a lot of enjoyment out of bands such as red flag, anything box, few boys, loveland, mobile homes, etc., even though they all wear the DM influence on their sleeves.

    of course, this is the most obvious derivative, but it's still an enjoyable track, at least for me!

  4. Devi Doll Says:


    Then the exact song that is the opening title "In Chains" on Sounds of the Universe by DM is a cover they are doing of Dr. S's "Why Do You Do?" Seems weird that DM would cover a xerox band to them, but what do I know?


  5. Devi Doll Says:

    Nevermind my last comment… My DM download of Sounds of the Universe had "WDYD" as the 1st track and Dave Gahan's solo song "Love Will Leave" as track 2… WTF, sorry about that. Time to fix some things.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    You should check out the new material by ANALOG ANGEL.
    A LOT less Depeche sounding!!

    They are playing at WGT in Leipzig this year as well as INFEST.

    Their new album – THE THIN LINE – is available from their website for a measly £6 and there is also a remix EP for £2!!!


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