Dorian Gray- Promise of Love 7”

Picked this 7” from 1985 up at one of my favorite NYC record shops, the newly unveiled Heaven Street Records in Greenpoint. Bears no relation to either the Dorian Gray posted here, or the Dorian Grey posted here, though both are worth checking out as well. Seems to be a popular name for those in the pre-Google age!

What we have here are two tracks from the UK wave scene that strike a balance between Into a Circle and Crocodiles-era Echo and the Bunnymen. Not shocking to hear the band once supported Gene Loves Jezebel, as there’s a melodic post-punk vibe running through this single. The b-side is a more percussive and groove-oriented remix of the title track, for those who appreciate that sort of thing. Dig it:

Dorian Gray- Promise of Love 7”
1. Promise Of Love
2. Miles Away

*download it here*

There’s another 12” from 1986 out there, priced a little higher than this 7”. Hope to snag and share that one sometime soon, so stay tuned. There’s also a video for ‘Promise of Love’ kicking around on YouTube, linked for your viewing pleasure:

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I bought the "Touch" 12" 8-9 years ago for a few dollars on a whim. It is a bit more goth sounding than this earlier 7"… much in the mid 80s UK guitar goth style such as Play Dead, Chatshow, Flowers For Agatha, etc. (though the singer's voice is the same). Not bad, but I wouldn't recommend paying over $15 for it unless you really dig that sound.

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    that's definitely a genre of interest for me! would love to hear the 12'' someday, will keep my eyes peeled for it for sure.

  3. Rusty Pipes Says:

    this is off topic ,do you have any IODINE JUPITER(vox,kitchen and the plastic spoons )

  4. This Dorian Grays other output is an 12" Touch and two songs on VA – Parkside shivers (another version of Touch and song Chills of love and laughter). Great sound , another could-have-been-big. And no info whatsoever on the net what happened to them…
    And is true , in former Yugoslavia there was band Dorian Gray too , played pop with synth edge…
    Thanx again for posting this!

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