Twenty Four Hour World- Twenty Four Hour World K7

Here’s a rare US cassette for all you goth and post-punk lovers out there. Released in 1986, this is the only known offering from Twenty Four Hour World. Great gloomy sounds perfect for a rainy day, and very reminiscent of Joy Division and early Modern English with a little bit of nasty deathrock mixed in for good measure. Really chaotic, visceral stuff here, not for the faint of heart!

Twenty Four Hour World- Twenty Four Hour World K7
1. Love Comes Down
2. Talk To Me
3. Miracle
4. Hot
5. Sound Of Impact
6. Ball & Chain
7. Drink
8. Trinity
9. Wonderful Life
10. The Big Boys

*download it here*

12 Responses to “Twenty Four Hour World- Twenty Four Hour World K7”

  1. Thank you so much! For me, When it comes to this area of music, the gloomier the better!

  2. Curious Guy Says:

    Enjoyed this one a lot. Thanks!

  3. Jeff Pils Says:

    what a beauty! thank you so much.

  4. Jonny Yuma Says:

    Do you know where these guys are from? I remember a band from the Phoenix AZ area in the 80s that were called Twenty Four Hour World. Is it the same I wonder?

  5. frankie teardrop Says:

    yes, i do believe this is the same band, jonny!

    • Jonny Yuma Says:

      Thanks!! and btw, you have the best synth/postpunk music blog site on the internet. I’m learning so much and hearing great music. thanks again.

  6. Twenty Four Hour World vocalist, Bill Yanok also sang on Mighty Sphincter ‘Kingdom Of Heaven’ lp

  7. Great record. They opened for Skinny Puppy. I was 2 at the time :-/

  8. This is gorgeous! ^V^

  9. they actually had a second cassette circa 1990…it wasn’t as gothicky but really good…i actually knew George when i moved to arizona for a year and he gave me and my girlfriend a copy of the cassette. not sure what happened to it, but this is definitely not their only recording.

  10. This was definitely not their only recording. For a time I lived out in arizona with a girl i was dating (1990) and we met a guy in the band through other people we met…anyway he gave us a cassette of more of their recordings. definitely not as cliche gothic, but very good stuff.

  11. Eric Wincentsen Says:

    Their other two releases were “Ruin” in 1989 and “Suns if the Flesh” in 1990.

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