RJ/8- Tomorrow Never Listens 7”

I can never get enough of rickety, DIY post-punk from 1981. This 7” fits the bill perfectly, two razor sharp energetic tracks from US band RJ/8. This is their only release, one and done, the way these things often go. The band recorded these tracks in Virginia, where they were likely from, also home to Fresh Tracks, the label responsible for pressing this 7”.

Early Sad Lovers and Giants vibes here, mostly due to the copious use of saxophone and call-and-response echoes. Overall, a very UK sound mixed with a smidge of power-pop energy, very rare to hear in the States around this period of time.

Wish I could tell you more about this one, but hope y’all enjoy!

RJ/8- Tomorrow Never Listens 7”
1. Tomorrow Never Listens
2. The Game

*download it here*

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  1. Thank you!
    May I have a request? I’ve been looking for this:

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      Hey Saul – you’re in luck! I have this 12” and have been meaning to post it. Consider it up next!

  2. Wanted to thank you for the many years of downloads with something I hope you’ll enjoy…

    1990 From The Machine – Various bands from the San Francisco Greater Bay Area



  3. Anonymous Says:

    thanks this band was great!

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