Lyon in Winter- As Winter Falls LP

Ripped this one to upgrade a while back and thought I’d share it for those who are unfamiliar. Here we have the lone LP from Lyon in Winter, aka the solo LP from Negativland’s Richard Lyons. This LP is much less experimental and controversial than his main band, but is an excellent slice of smooth new wave with some excellent post-punk bass grooves.  I’m reminded often of things like The Lucy Show, The Hurting, Dole, and Fiat Lux. Lots of saxophone, if that’s your thing (hint: as long as there are icy synths, I’m down with sax, too).

“The Haunting Moon” is the clear standout for me here, often appearing in some lounge DJ sets here in NYC, but the whole album is a solid listen from front to back. The LP came out in 1986 and is still pretty attainable, for those who might want to grab a copy of their own… Probably a little more common here in the US, as Lyons and Negativland operated out of the Bay Area, if I recall correctly…

Sadly, Lyons passed in 2016 from complications from nodular melanoma. Would have loved to have heard more about this LP straight from the source, but at least we have the tunes… Hope y’all enjoy this one.

Lyon in Winter- As Winter Falls LP
1. I Dream
2. Summer
3. The Haunting Moon
4. Push! Pound!
5. As Winter Falls
6. Please Don’t…
7. The Change

*download it here*

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  1. JUst the mention of Lucy Show in the comment made me want to hear it thanks again

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