Passion Theatre – Strange Desire/Mannequin 12”s

I’ve had this pair of singles kicking around the collection for years now, and I’m not sure why it’s taken so long to post them, but here we are all the same. Here we have the two 12” singles from Passion Theatre, a trio from the US. Passion Theatre would gain a fourth member for their second single, though it seems like they don’t credit the female vocals on their first single, so perhaps they were always a quartet?  The band released two singles of exclusive material and were never heard from again, sadly. So it goes… Strangely enough, these records were released on an electro/hip-hop label which might be why they didn’t get too much traction in the new wave market? Also, it appears that the executive producer for both singles also worked with Stacey Q. on “Two of Hearts.”

…A lot of questions to be answered here.

Based on the cover art and rarity of these singles, you might expect some tried and true minimal synth sound (that’s actually what I expected when I picked these singles up ages ago) but they’re a little more on the breezy new wave/synth pop tip, maybe even a little power-poppy in spots. The real winner of the bunch is “Mannequin,” (aka “In Love With a Mannequin”) the title track from their second 12”. It’s a playful song about being in love with an in-store display figure, and it’s really a shame they didn’t make a movie about this exact premise, as I’m sure it would have been a hit…

Here’s the details for both singles, which were both released in 1986:

Passion Theatre- Strange Desire 12”
1. Strange Desire
2. International Love Affair
3, Menage A Trois
4. No For Answers

Passion Theatre- Mannequin 12”
1. Mannequin (Fiesta Mix)
2. Vacation Day
3. In Love With a Mannequin

*download them here*

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  1. Excellent, really liking these! Thank you!

  2. I have no idea how you keep finding these unknown post-punk/synthwave treasures. But however you’re doing it… keep it up! I love this stuff!

  3. This is great!! Thank you!

  4. Looks exciting, thanx as usual. Stay safe.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    i had pretty much given up on even hearing some of these. Thank you so much

  6. some kind of dummyphilia, thanks a lot!

  7. Both of these rare albums have recently been remastered and are being offered as a limited edition double vinyl set on Spacetalk and will be availabvle starting March 26, 2021. See

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