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November Group- Discography

Posted in 12'', 1980s, 1982, 1983, 1985, boston, november group, synthpop, US on March 7, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

This particular band hails from Boston and mixes coldwave guitars with minimal electronics, shifting gears into more of a synthpop/italo-inspired dance act over the years with plenty of big beats and catchy hooks. Primarily a two piece based around Kearney Kirby and Ann Prim (expanding to a four piece over time), November Group was once known as Wunderkind, but changed their name to reflect a group of German expressionist artists before their first release in 1982.

The band released two 12”s and two mini-LPs , and I’ve tracked them all down for your listening pleasure. Wikipedia seems to list an untitled cassette release with a handful of tracks, but I can’t seem to find any information about it one way or the other. Should this tape actually exist, and should any astute readers have it handy, feel free to send it our way. Check out the tape HERE.

Otherwise, here’s their entire vinyl output for yr perusal:

November Group- November Group Mini-LP (1982)
1. Shake It Off
2. Flatland
3. Pictures Of The Homeland
4. We Dance
5. The Popular Front

November Group- Persistent Memories 12” (1983)
1. Put Your Back To It
2. I Live Alone
3. Night Architecture
4. Heart Of A Champion

November Group- Work That Dream Mini-LP (1985)
1. Volker/Work That Dream
2. Put Your Back To It (Remix)
3. The Promise
4. Arrows Up To Heaven
5. Careful (A Life Is A Fragile Thing)

November Group- Work That Dream 12” (1985)
1. Volker
2. Work That Dream (Extended Mix)
3. Work That Dream (Instrumental)

*download all four releases here* (reuploaded @320kbps on 8.30.16)

7/12” grab bag #3

Posted in 12'', 1980s, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1988, 7'', coldwave, grab bag, kuruki, minimal, minimal synth on February 13, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Last year, I made a point to upload a few rare 7” recordings in one post, offering a few new sounds for folks to pick up on. These proved to be rather popular, so I’ve decided to bring the series back. Here’s a blurb about each of the following releases:

Land of Giants- Cannibal Dolls/Seven Men 12”
Land of Giants were a Candian minimal wave band who released this one 12” single in 1982. The single topped the college charts in its day, and was praised by John Peel. No further release would appear until recently, when the band issued a CD featuring several new and unheard demo tracks recorded between 1982 and 1985, which can be purchased via paypal here.

1. Cannibal Dolls
2. Seven Men

Chromagain- Any Colour You Like Mini-LP
Once uploaded by Ale at the sadly defunct 7” From the Underground blog, this particular gem is one of the best wave recordings of its time. The three piece band hailed from Italy, and released this one five track record in 1985. “Satisfied” is easily one of my favorite tunes from the entire wave spectrum, so be sure to give this one a spin. *NOW REISSUED VIA ALESSANDRO’S OWN MANNEQUIN RECORDS!*

1. Satisfied
2. Spot
3. Killing Dome
4. After The Clouds
5. Season of Steel

Body 11- Mind 7”
Lone 1988 release by this German industrial/ebm collective. Nice and hard-hitting, with a few dance grooves thrown in for good measure. If anyone has any further information about this German duo’s whereabouts, feel free to pass it along!

1. Wasteland II
2. Fire
3. Hearts
4. Attack

Kuruki- Such a Liar 12”
Belgian new wave/italo-flavored duo known for their underground hit “Crocodile Tears,” released as a one-off single in 1981. That particular track also appears on this particular 12”, released just a few months later. A handful of singles followed over the next few years, and a full length appeared in 1984. Currently, vocalist Gerry D’Haeyer is in cahoots with Roland Van Campenhout, a Belgian blues artist.

The full length, TV Scape is available on Mutant Sounds, while 7” From the Underground has featured their debut single.

1. Such a Liar
2. Crocodile Tears
3. Yack Yack


Twice a Man- Observations From a Borderland 12”

Posted in 12'', 1980s, 1983, minimal, minimal synth, swedish, twice a man on July 26, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

Twice a Man is a Swedish synth project, formed in 1981 as an offshoot of Cosmic Overdose. The band primarily consists of members Karl Gasleben and Dan Söderqvist (with early contributions by Lars Falk) and has remained intact over nearly three decades. While most of their contemporaries made an ephemeral splash, Twice a Man has remained together since their inception, continuously recording and releasing records, with plans to release their sixteenth full-length this year.

On top of their pioneering synth work, Twice a Man has also had their hands in seven theatre productions throughout Europe and have scored three films with a variety of collaborators. The band still gigs in Europe on occasion.

For the downloading, here’s Twice a Man’s first 12” single for ‘Observations from a Borderland’, released shortly after their debut record Music for Girls. The single dates back to 1983, and while the a-side features a more atmospheric approach, the second is a straight-up synth-pop gem:

Twice a Man- Observations From a Borderland 12”
1. Observations From a Borderland
2. Fear

*download it here*

and here’s concert footage of the band performing ‘Observations from a Borderland’ in 1984:

for more information on the band’s sprawling discography, including information on how to get your hands on some of it:


Twice a Man’s official site