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The Wild Flowers- The Joy of It All LP & Blue Hollow- Stealing a Whisper LP

Posted in 1980s, 1984, 1986, blue hollow, coldwave, dreampop, new wave, post-punk, the wild flowers, uk, US on January 28, 2013 by Frankie Teardrop

Hope you’ll all indulge me for a little two-for-one post here.  While these two records are generally unrelated, they sound incredibly complementary and it’s no stretch that if you love one, you’ll probably love the other.  Also, both LPs have been posted by other blogs in the past.  I only double dip today to offer fresh rips and hopefully to turn you guys on to two excellent, if but vastly under-appreciated post-punk masterpieces from the mid-80s.

First up is the debut LP from The Wild Flowers, which you may have heard via Curious Guy’s excellent post from 2006.  There, he mentions that the band was the original outlet of guitarist David Newton, who left soon after to form the also excellent Mighty Lemon Drops.   I’m on my second copy of this LP, between DJing and home listening, so that should speak highly of this particular record, which calls the lush majesty of bands like The Chameleons, Icicle Works, The Lucy Show, Breathless, The Sound, and of course, Echo & the Bunnymen’s Heaven Up Here to mind.  You can grab their first two 7”s here.  I do have the third LP, 1988′s Sometime Soon.  It’s been a while since I’ve heard it so I don’t remember how it stacks up, but I’m very interested in hearing 1987′s Dust.

The second LP is the one and only release by Blue Hollow, who rose from the ashes of Gluons, a darker and more dissonant band from Massachusetts.  Stealing a Whisper, which was released three years later, would shed much of the cacophony and offer up a record that sits comfortably alongside The Wild Flowers on sheer strength of songwriting.  Equally lush and romantic songs and catchy hooks, clearly pulling from the same set of influences and delivering a similarly striking album…

It’s a shame that neither of these records are more well known, even in these circles, so hopefully this post brings them to a wider audience.  Enjoy!


The Wild Flowers- The Joy of it All (1984)
1. Melt Like Ice
2. Beggar Man
3. The Promised Land
4. After All These Years
5. Dark Times
6. The Joy of it All
7. Bamboo
8. Hold the Torch
9. Things Have Changed
10. From the Sky

*download it here*


Blue Hollow- Stealing a Whisper (1986)
1. Color of Night
2. Inhale
3. Running Down
4. Blue Hollow
5. We Fall
6. Hearts Hang Souls
7. Wildskin
8. Stranger

*download it here*

Thanks for indulging me here today… For those who are looking for something new and unheard, hang tight- as the next few posts will feature very rare cassettes, demos, and more!  Thanks to all who have sent things over in the past few weeks- it’s always appreciated!

L.A.S.’s Crime- Five Lies & Electa K7s

Posted in 1980s, 1986, 1988, darkwave, electronic, italian, l.a.s.'s crime, minimal, minimal synth, post-punk on January 15, 2013 by Frankie Teardrop


Two excellent tapes here from Italian project L.A.S.’s Crime, short for Lord Arthur Seville’s Crime, named after a classic Oscar Wilde novel. L.A.S.’s. Crime consisted of the duo of Sandro Marchetti and Maria Elena Brogi, who were very diverse and prolific over the course of five years.  The great Bx59cppw has shared several of their cassettes in the past, and Italian label Mannequin has reissued a compilation of material in 2012, featuring thirteen tracks from the band’s tenure, including a handful from these two tapes.   More people seem to know this band than ever before, so why not share a few more pieces of the band’s discography!


L.A.S.’s Crime- Five Lies K7(1986)
1. Five Lies
2. Taedium Vitae
3. And Now
4. Statuary Emotion
5. Last Metro
6. Arabian Silence
7. Macabra Danza
8. The Lost Men
9. Devil In The Mirror
10. The Garden
11. Without Nothing
12. Inner World
13. The Important Day
14. My People Gone Away
15. Mary’s Room
16. The Snake
17. Small Man
18. The Final Scream


L.A.S.’s Crime- Electa K7 (1988)
1. Atmosphere n.1
2. Animals Die
3. Atmosphere n.2
4. Party’s Over
5. Atmosphere n.3
6. Morpheus
7. Atmosphere n.4
8. Matrix
9. Atmosphere n.5
10. Dark Xmas
11. Atmosphere n.6
12. The Ultimate Sacrifice

*download both here*

The band recently joined Facebook as well and have uploaded a bunch of pictures, interviews, and miscellaneous images.  Feel free to drop them a line!

Breathless- Nailing Colours To The Wheel 12”

Posted in 1980s, 1986, post-punk, uk on September 14, 2012 by Frankie Teardrop

In general, I’ve always found Breathless to be one of the most underrated bands in the post-punk/dreampop spectrum.  While many are familiar with Dominic Appleton’s voice via This Mortal Coil’s sophomore release Filigree and Shadow (and one track on Blood), few I talk to seem familiar with his own band, which existed beforehand and still exists today (new album in the works).  It’s a shame, as the majority of their material is among the best I’ve ever heard.  Predating My Bloody Valentine’s stylistic shift by a few years, there are sounds at play that would soon become shoegaze staples.  Tremendous layered guitars.  Dream-like atmosphere and epic swells.  Rhythmic bass.  Appleton’s singular vocals.  Throw in John Fryer’s always amazing production (especially on the killer drumming) and you have something truly special.

While a good majority of the band’s material has been reissued or compiled, it seems like this 12” has fallen by the wayside, outside of two tracks which appear elsewhere on full length records.  I haven’t seen it blogged before (though I could be wrong), and most rips I’ve come across are lacking in bitrate or depth.  So, with that in mind, here’s a crystal-clear rip of this fantastic 12” from 1986.  Every track here is perfection, and the opening song “Bad Blood” (an exclusive to this 12”) may just be a contender for my favorite song of all time.

You can easily find this 12” for sale for rather cheap, proof that sometimes the best records are often very affordable.  No post-punk collection should be without this record.

Breathless- Nailing Colours To the Wheel 12”
1. Bad Blood
2. Waiting On the Wire
3. Count On Angels
4. The Warmest Kiss

*download it here*

Weeping Messerschmitts- Nothing Yet 12”

Posted in 1980s, 1986, post-punk, uk on August 1, 2012 by Frankie Teardrop

This one’s been shared before, but deserves another pass.  A Wierd party*, guitar-heavy favorite, this 12” was released in 1986 and features a darker jangle-pop sound, akin to the likes of The Smiths, For Against, The Wild Flowers/Lemon Drops, etc.   This sort of thing has been heavy on my summer playlist, so what better timing?

This is the only record they ever released, disappearing soon after without much of a trace. lists five band members, some names which appear in the logs, but can’t trace anything for certain without a few wild guesses.  Vocalist Dave Webb has also posted two unreleased tracks on Youtube, which you can check out here and here!  

As always, any additional information is welcome. 

Weeping Messerschmitts- Nothing Yet 12”
1. Nothing Yet
2. Say Goodbye
3. Panthera Parvos

*Download it here*

*Speaking of which, if anyone wants to see what we’re up to, I’ll be posting weekly playlists from the Wierd party here!

Screaming Trees- Release & Beaten By the Ugly Stick 12”s

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Here we have the first two 12”s by Screaming Trees out of the UK. Not to be confused with the grunge band of the same name, Screaming Trees had several 12” releases and a full length throughout the mid-late 1980s, mixing both bludgeoning electronics and industrial textures with club friendly beats. While not primarily EBM, these later releases walked a fine line between the Belgian scene and the 12” mix mentality, with scattered results.

However, the first 12”, released in 1986, is somewhat of an anomaly among the lot, as it has more in common with the UK goth scene at the time with slightly more tribal influences and aggressive guitar work. Think bands like Play Dead, Rebel Christening, and early Clair Obscur. “Incinerator” is my favorite of the lot, but all three tracks are great guitar driven goth tracks. Many thanks to Michael for ripping it and passing it over! Been dying to hear the first piece of the puzzle for quite some time now. I’ve also uploaded the band’s second 12” from the same year, which sounds more in this vein as well.

The band’s label Native Records was also responsible for releases by They Must Be Russians, Darling Buds, UV Pop, and more. The two members of the band, Sean Maloney and Mark Swancott were rather prolific for the time, also releasing music as Count Zero, Success, and Tocsin. Both continued into the 1990s, releasing electronic/techno records.

Here’s the info:

Screaming Trees- Release 12”
1. Release
2. Incinerator
3. Razors In My Mouth

Screaming Trees- Beaten By the Ugly Stick 12”
1. Build On Ice
2. Build On Dust
3. Damage Report

*download it here*

Move- Move Out of Sight K7

Posted in 1980s, 1986, goth, goth-rock, italian, move, post-punk on March 18, 2012 by Frankie Teardrop

While a good majority of LPs and 12”s have been discovered by now, cassettes seem to be the final frontier. So many tapes out there, demos, official releases, or what have you, many which have yet to be unearthed and accounted for. With that in mind, the next few posts will all be cassette rips, so buckle up and enjoy!

First up, we have an incredibly rare cassette from Move, the stellar Italian post-punk band covered here (expect a better rip, or even better- a potential reissue of that LP in the near future). You can also get their split LP with Gronge over at the always excellent Kentucky Fried Wave.

This cassette was released in the same year as the LP (1986), though this one predates the LP by some time. Only one track from this K7 appears on the LP in a different form, while the rest rely the same successful male/female switch-off.

Move- Move Out of Sight K7
1. Move Out Of Sight
2. Lo Scoglio
3. Plastik Money
4. Re Sole
5. Kronstadt
6. Sweet Move

*download it here*

Various Artists- Der Bau K7

Posted in 1986, asylum party, cassette, clair obscur, coldwave, k7, little nemo, neutral project, post-punk, siglo xx on March 5, 2012 by Frankie Teardrop

This one goes out to all the Canadian readers I met this weekend in both Toronto and Montreal. Thanks for saying hello and hope to see you guys again soon!

While this particular cassette has been posted before, the digital copy I had was full of digital skips/jumps (a sound I detest more than almost anything, though the snow removal alarm trucks in Montreal have quickly risen up the ranks), so I’ve made a new, high bitrate rip from a borrowed copy. If you’re not already familiar with this one, you can expect another solid collection of French and Belgian coldwave greats, from the classics to the more obscure. Most prudent is the early version of Little Nemo’s “Love Is a Lie,” which does not appear elsewhere, including the expansive CD reissue. This is also Asylum Party and Neutral Project’s first release, dating back to 1986! The label, Aspect D’Une Certaine Industrie, is also responsible for the excellent Leiv Traumas & Machina compilations, as well as the first Neutral Project cassette.

The tape is a must hear for fans of the coldest, bleakest guitar wave. Dark music for dark times.

Various Artists- Der Bau K7
1. Siglo XX– Sweet Jane
2. Asylum Party– White Light
3. Les Maîtres– Une Douleur Passagère
4. Closed Session– My Shout
5. Neutral Project– Reviens…
6. Kindergarten– Spasmodic Alice
7. Anonymes– Interrogation 3986
8. Wallenberg– Dublin
9. Dead Relatives– Father Tranquille
10. Clair Obscur– Psychiatric
11. Little Nemo– Love Is A Lie
12. Komakino– Lacrima
13. I.W.N.N.– Venus
14. Bleme– This Wait

*download it here*

BALTIMORE GRAB BAG: Immortal- Paradigm 12” & Mission- When Thunder Comes LP

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I’ve been hearing some rumblings about Mediafire as well, and though various articles claim that Mediafire won’t be changing its service plan, I’ve heard some contradictory reports and have seen some accounts deleted over the past few days. So with that in mind, I’m going to post a few things over the next few days to get them off my chest just in case something goes down between now and then. Call me paranoid, but why hoard this stuff!

Here we have two post-punk records from Baltimore, Maryland.

First up, we have an immaculate rip of Immortal’s Paradigm 12” from 1988, previously featured on the always excellent Return to the East blog. Very Danse Society/Killing Joke-esque tribal post-punk here, with plenty of ghosty hooks that make it an essential listen. Not to be confused with the Dutch band of the same name.

Immortal- Paradigm 12” (1988)
1. Scale
2. Solvent
3. Print
4. Morning

Secondly, here’s an LP that’s flown under the radar over the years, and is still rather affordable for those interested in acquiring a copy. I recently included the title track from this LP on Systems of Romance vol. 5, plucked from the 8 Essential Attitudes compilation, but I’ve since tracked down the LP of the same name, and it’s more impressive than I expected. Almost a more new wave/pop take on Bauhaus, or if that analogy doesn’t work for you, a harder-hitting version of the VHF album. You can get their first LP here, if the link is still up and running. Not to be confused with the post-Sisters of Mercy band of the same name! Apparently, the band changed its name to When Thunder Comes to avoid confusion with those guys, and are still active to date, with a more heavy sound. You can read more about that here.

Mission- When Thunder Comes LP (1986)
1. When Thunder Comes
2. Broken Promises
3. Underground
4. River
5. Long Way Back
6. Lost Religion
7. The Bell Tolls
8. We Were There
9. This Train
10. Make The Man

*download BOTH records here*

Stay tuned for more over the next few days!

Coldreams- Morning Rain 7”

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It’s almost time for Thanksgiving here in the States, and I’ve got quite a few things to be thankful for. Most pressingly, I’m thankful for this generous donation of a newly acquired, re-ripped, and cleaned up version of one of the greatest French gems in existence. As a huge champion of the French coldwave sound, you guys should know that this is no small statement. Fans of the genre should already be familiar with these two gloomy pieces of pefection, as this 1986 single been re-posted several times over the years, but not with such loving attention to quality and fidelity.

Experience it again this holiday season, for the first time!

Coldreams- Morning Rain 7”
1. Morning Rain
2. Eyes

*download it here*

Various Artists- Doctor Death’s Volume I- Cette Enfant Me Fia Mourir

Posted in 1980s, 1986, c'est la morte, coldwave, doctor death, goth, post-punk on November 11, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s a great (and pleasantly affordable) compilation chock full of post-punk and coldwave sounds from C’est La Morte. I believe there are five editions in this series, this being the only one I own. The rest seem promising as well, judging from the inclusion of Handful of Snowdrops, Bill Pritchard, Heavenly Bodies, Beautiful Green Pea Boat, Clair Obscur, etc. You can get volume 4 here.

The story of these compilations dates back to C’est La Morte owner Woody Dumas, who used to have a radio program called Doctor Death, which specialized in cold/gothic sounds. The first edition was the very first release on the fledgling Louisiana label, and has several great (and in some cases, exclusive) tracks from some of my favorite bands of the era, including Breathless, Room Nine, and Lung Overcoat. It’s also worthy to mention that the version of Throwing Muses’ “Fish” differs from the Lonely Is an Eyesore compilation. A few unknowns for me here too, my favorite of that lot being the ethereal/cold contribution from Pat on the Back. M-1 Alternative also appears throughout the series, and contribute a great track here.

I really do love compilations like these, where every track fits together and is thoroughly enjoyable (also see the amazing L’Appel De La Muse series). All in all, you get a pretty good idea of what you can expect by simply looking at the cover. Not to be missed!

Various Artists- Doctor Death’s Volume I- Cette Enfant Me Fia Mourir
1. Rash Of Stabbings– Faulter
2. Throwing Muses– Fish
3. Breathless– All My Eye And Betty Martin
4. The Kite– Family
5. Pat On The Back– Afraid
6. Room Nine– Angels Sing
7. Circle Confusion– Survival
8. M-1 Alternative– Rain
9. Lung Overcoat– Find The Time
10. End Over End– Save

*download it here*