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Airstrip 1- Full Discography

Posted in 1980s, 1981, 1982, Airstrip 1, Airstrip One, post-punk on May 22, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Thanks to all the great donations as of late! There’s some good stuff kicking around in comments lately, some of which I’ll be re-zipping up over the next week or so, but in the meanwhile, here’s a generous email donation from Craig, containing a vast majority of UK post-punk band Airstrip 1’s material. Taking their name from Orwell’s 1984, little concrete info is available on these guys, though they did change their name from Airstrip 1 to Airstrip One (I know, not much difference) over the course of their short existence on Polydor Records. According to discogs, the uploaded collection contains a majority of their 12” vinyl releases, but is missing a few rare promo-only remixes. Here’s what’s contained below:

(cassette images by Craig)

Airstrip 1- Collection
1. Nothing is Forever
2. Fiction
3. Vodka Cola
4. New Messiah
5. Nothing is Forever (Remix)
6. Longer to Live
7. English Guns
8. Crime
9. Social Fools (Extended Version)
10. All Fall Down
11. Satellite (12” Remix)

*download it here*

The first four tracks hail from a very rare cassette, released, to my understanding, with a xerox sleeve and DIY hand-written label. Meanwhile, the rest of the tracks hail from 12” releases. Tracks 6-8 hail from the Longer to Live 12”, released in 1981, while tracks 10 and 11 hail from the Satellite 12”. Track 9 is plucked from the respective 12”. Aside from the Longer to Live 12”, the other 12” tracks hail from 1982.

What’s missing: “Satellite” (7”, if there is a difference between the two) and various promo-only remixes of “Social Fools,” but this looks to be the lot. If anyone has these remixes, feel free to drop a note below!

Craig has been kind enough to upload the two missing Airstrip 1 promo remixes of Social Fools, so check above for a new zip including those remixes. Thanks again to Craig for the donations!