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End of Data- Dans Votre Monde LP

Posted in 1980s, 1985, art-rock, coldwave, end of data, french, minimal, post-punk, synth, wave on December 12, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Next up, we have the second End of Data LP, finally rescued from poorly-ripped hell. The only copy most folks have of this record in digital format are ripped at a low bitrate from a less than stellar LP copy, so here’s a more crisp, solid copy. This second record is slightly more poppy and new wave-esque than their more abrasive and strange debut, available here, so feel free to compare and contrast, and read up on the band while you’re at it. Otherwise, here’s a more solid and consistent rip of this 1985 classic!

End of Data- Dans Votre Monde LP
1. Dans Votre Monde
2. Movie Drama
3. Quetzalcoatl
4. Symphonie
5. La Rive Asiatique
6. Atttrra (Vers Le Miroir)
7. Venice
8. D.M.C.

*download it here*

End of Data- Sahrah LP

Posted in 1980s, 1984, art-rock, coldwave, end of data, french, minimal, minimal synth, post-punk on February 8, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

I promise this isn’t intentional anymore, folks, but today’s band also happens to hail from France. It’s a request of sorts from a new reader, and the band is End of Data, a four piece Coldwave outfit who formed in 1983 and split just a few years later. Live setups for the band included ex-members of Tanit and Orchestre Rouge.

The band’s discography consists of two solid records, 1984’s Sahrah and 1985’s Dans Votre Monde. As I’m unable to scour up a copy of the latter in an “acceptable” bitrate (if anyone wants a 128kps rip of the record, holler and I’ll post it), I’ve only uploaded their incredible¬†debut. Alternately, if anyone has a more sufficient copy of said record, feel free to send it my way.


End of Data- Sahrah LP (1984)
1. End Of Data I & II
2. If I’m Not A Killer
3. Follow Me And So
4. Like A Succession I & II
5. Trottodaf
6. Sahrah / Symphonie Inachevée

*download it here*

During their tenure, the title track ‘Sahrah’ became a slightly prominent club hit, and has since been featured on several coldwave/French wave compilations. They made a video, to boot, and here it is: