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Fad Gadget- Under the Flag LP

Posted in 1980s, 1982, experimental, fad gadget, frank tovey, mute, synth, uk on October 20, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Before I get to today’s post- Zshare seems to be working again. That said, I’ve been receiving several email requests to reupload records, but after checking out the links, they still all seem to be up and running, so just give ‘er a refresh now and see if that sorts out the problem. If there’s anything that truly has expired, let me know.

That said, I’ve been meaning to post this record for some time, but it took a request for me to finally upload it proper. Though I already touched on Fad Gadget back in the blog’s early conception, it’s only appropriate to finally upload a record that sits comfortably in a top 20 of all time list. Or a top ten. Regardless, this 1982 album is a favorite, through and through. See the linked post for more on the late, great Frank Tovey, but otherwise, let’s get to the nitty gritty.

Fad Gadget- Under the Flag LP
1. Under the Flag I
2. Scapegoat
3. Love Parasite
4. Plainsong
5. Wheels of Fortune
6. Life on the Line IV
7. The Sheep Look Up
8. Cipher
9. For Whom the Bells Toll
10. Under the Flag II

*download it here*

A quick bit of trivia about the record: The album cover and photos throughout are shot by the infamous Anton Corbijn. Also, one of the many female backing singers was none other than miss Alison Moyet, who found fame a few years later as half of Yazoo. Neat!

Stay tuned this week for a few treats…I’ve a few requests for some more Venus in Furs, and I may dig out some more rare minimal wave as time allows.