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The Pollen- Factory Hours 12” & Contrasts CD

Posted in 1980s, 1989, adrian borland, coldwave, dreampop, french, indie, post-punk, the pollen, the sound on December 12, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

For those who enjoyed the Pollen LP posted a few entries back, here’s a post that is both supplemental and one which renders the previous post obsolete. Contained within we have the band’s 12” release, Factory Hours, as well as the CD issue of Contrasts, complete with several bonus tracks plucked from the band’s 12” releases from the era. So if you dug the mini-LP, be sure to download this one as well, for additional songs and higher fidelity! “Factory Walk” is also a killer track, complete with that Touching Pop sound we all know and love, with poppier and more celtic inspired b-sides. Your mileage may vary on those.

That said, still a plethora of enjoyable tracks to be found here, so have at it!

The Pollen- Factory Hours 12”
1. Factory Hours
2. (In Your) Head
3. Bushes and Briars

The Pollen- Contrasts CD
1. Nurturing Desire
2. Passionate Reading
3. Military Tactics
4. Dream
5. Like the Wind
6. Killer
7. Heathen World
8. Peel the Skin
9. Faraway
10. Hard Times
11. Breaking Out

*download both here*

Luxembourg- La Cible 7”

Posted in 1985, coldwave, french, luxembourg, post-punk on December 8, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Fresh from the heart of France, here’s a joyous and upbeat coldwave single (an oxymoron, perhaps?) from 1985. This limited edition single is the band’s only release, a private press with little-to-no information out there in the ether. The b-side is what really does it for me here, as it reminds me quite a bit of The Sound’s “Sense of Purpose,” with a lighter touch.

I could make a rather educated guess about which city this band was from, but that would be all too easy, wouldn’t it? About as easy as clicking the link below and downloading this little treasure!

Luxembourg- La Cible 7”
1. La Cible
2. Le Secret De L’ombre

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 6.4.13)

Coldreams- Morning Rain 7”

Posted in 1986, coldreams, coldwave, darkwave, french, goth, post-punk on November 23, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving here in the States, and I’ve got quite a few things to be thankful for. Most pressingly, I’m thankful for this generous donation of a newly acquired, re-ripped, and cleaned up version of one of the greatest French gems in existence. As a huge champion of the French coldwave sound, you guys should know that this is no small statement. Fans of the genre should already be familiar with these two gloomy pieces of perfection, as this 1986 single been re-posted several times over the years, but not with such loving attention to quality and fidelity.

Experience it again this holiday season, for the first time!

Coldreams- Morning Rain 7”
1. Morning Rain
2. Eyes

*download it here*

The Pollen- Contrasts Mini-LP

Posted in 1980s, 1989, adrian borland, coldwave, dreampop, french, indie, post-punk, the pollen, the sound on October 14, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

A recent, but welcome discovery, I’ve had this record in my possession for a few weeks now, and I’m just now finally able to offer it up here for you all to enjoy. Here we have a mini-LP from French band The Pollen, produced by The Sound’s Adrian Borland. Naturally, you can expect some great post-punk sounds here, more of the dreamy variety. The album strikes me as a cross between Lush & Lively Art acts, with a little bit of that Borland magic thrown in for good measure.

Released in 1988, this record is more my cup of tea than their second LP Colours and Make Believe, which was released a year later. The follow up seems a little more indie-flavored, as opposed to the cold sounds on this release, but perhaps I’ll reassess it down the line. I also have a 12” from the same era that fits more with this album, and will post that as soon as I have the chance!

The Pollen- Contrasts Mini-LP
1. Killer
2. Military Tactics
3. Faraway
4. Like The Wind
5. Peel The Skin
6. Breaking Out
7. Hard Times

Check here for the CD rip for this & a bonus 12”.


Sensation- Trafic 7”

Posted in 1980s, coldwave, french, new wave, sensation on September 16, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Fantastic French coldwave with a slightly poppy edge here, released on Slim Productions, who boast a rather impressive roster of French obscurities and hits alike. Especially recommended for fans of Taxi Girl, with a little more bite. Release date unknown, not even listed on the record itself. A true mystery, for those who like that sort of thing. Educated guesses via catalog number place this as a 1985 release, but who can be sure of these things. Sounds like 1981 to me, but what do I know? Take a listen, take a guess!

Sensation- Trafic 7”
1. Trafic
2. Destruction

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 6.4.13)

Ultime Possibilité- Errance 7”

Posted in 1980s, 1988, coldwave, french, post-punk on September 9, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Up next we have an uber cult French coldwave single from 1988, especially choice for fans of the (better) Nova Express tracks posted here and here, as well as the Panoramas single posted ages ago.

Nothing much I can tell you about these guys, aside from shedding a little light on M.S.R., the label which issued this 7”. Several other classics appeared on M.S.R., including Corps Diplomatique and Amour Puzzle, also nice touchstones for this single. Really cool stuff here in the always excellent French tradition, so hope you enjoy it!

Ultime Possibilité- Errance 7”
1. Errance
2. No More Lies

*download it here*

Alan Shearer- Mines De Son LP

Posted in 1980s, 1984, alan shearer, french, instrumental, synthpop on September 6, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Here we have the second LP from Alan Shearer, released in 1984. Generally, it follows the same vibe as his excellent debut release (uploaded here in case you missed it). All instrumental once again, with some surprisingly poppy moments mixed in as well. Definitely some stunners in the mix here. I can’t seem to get enough of “Snapshot” or “Internal Clock.” The final track even reminds me a bit of some earlier Depeche Mode moments.

Funnily enough, I agree with comments made in the last post regarding video game music, as quite a few of these tracks call the classic NES soundtracks to mind. As someone who used to hold primitive boomboxes up to the tv screen to tape various soundtracks, I mean that as a compliment!

Anyway, without any further ado, here’s the info for this LP:

Alan Shearer- Mines De Son LP
1. Siouxie Likes Me
2. Mines De Son
3. Air Transe Aller
4. Pace-Maker
5. Snapshot
6. Brasilian Music Box
7. Internal Clock
8. Touche Pas A Mon Joël
9. Air Transe Retour
10. Very Christmas
11. Andes 90
12. Week-End At Sea

*download it here*


Also, while I’ve got your attention, might I direct you here? New album coming on September 27th, preorders available now. Just CD and digital for now, perhaps vinyl if enough demand calls for it!

You can catch a video for the first single here.

Opéra De Nuit- Opéra De Nuit LP (Revisited)

Posted in 1988, coldwave, french, goth-rock, minimal synth, new wave, opera de nuit, synth on June 2, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Another “looking back” entry. Re-ripped and cleaned up this particular French gem as well, vastly improved sound quality and fidelity to be found within! A few clicks and pops of course, but shouldn’t be too distracting and should serve as a definite improvement over the previous versions.

What else can I say about this record that hasn’t already been said before? Absolute masterpiece, every track here is a winner. I might go so far as to say it’s my favorite French LP, which is an awfully bold statement for a blog originally focused on the coldwave/touching pop movement.

I also have a copy of the scarce Amour Noir 12” coming in the mail, so if that copy sounds better than the previous upload, you can expect the same treatment to follow. In case you missed it the first time around, you can read more about the band here. Don’t let this one pass by!

Opéra De Nuit- Opéra De Nuit LP
1. Boris Transylvania Camp
2. L’appel du Froid
3. Larmes de Sang
4. Annabella
5. Invitation
5. Jeu Damné
6. Rebelle-Rebelle
7. Ami Amant

*download it here*

Quantom 1+3- Memoires Alchimiques K7

Posted in 1990s, 1993, coldwave, darkwave, ebm, france, french, k7 on April 8, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Cassettes, the final frontier. This particular tape has been on constant rotation over at SOR headquarters since receiving it on a generous loan. Not a lot of information on the web about this release, but there’s quite a bit of info on the cassette itself, so I’ll do my best to explain.

This particular cassette was released in 1993. The band were a three piece darkwave act from France (Axel Evigiran and the above pictured Lydia on vox and Orphee Hangiclist on guitar and programming) flirting with hints of EBM and coldwave. The sound should be right at home for fans of Babel 17, Neutral Project, Nagamatzu, and Peche Mortel (whose demos are some of the best treasures uncovered on the internet). Nice and dark, gritty, yet with catchy electronics permeating the mix.

While this is their first cassette, the band released two more tapes into the mid-90s. Perhaps those may see the light of day in time… For now though, enjoy this excellent slice of pure French coldwave.

Quantom 1+3- Memoires Alchimiques K7
1. Celeano
2. Post Mortem
3. Sombre Muse
4. V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
5. 7eme Cimetiere
6. I’ll Never Forget You
7. Pohjola Land
8. Bleuts
9. Puta Nostra
10. Narcisse
11. Rendez Vous
12. Nordeste Mystique
13. Dusang Sur Le Marbre
14. Venise Nocturne

*download it here*

Francis Martin- Modern Times LP

Posted in 1980s, 1984, alan shearer, francis martin, french, instrumental, minimal synth, new wave, synthpop on March 31, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Let’s keep it rolling, shall we? Here’s an LP from 1984, very very much in the same vein as Alan Shearer. In fact, there’s a little bet amongst us bloggers that this very well may be Shearer, operating under a pseudonym for a major label release. There’s no overwhelming evidence that proves this, but the synth and drum machine sounds are near identical, as is the style of the LP. However, this one comes from France, so who knows for sure?

All tracks are instrumental, with tons of great minimal synth grooves contained within. Definitely a real gem. Loving the cover on this one, which makes it seem like a classical record at first glance, but glad those tags are on the side to set the story straight!

Anyway, if anyone DOES know the story behind this one, I’d sure love to hear it!

Francis Martin- Modern Times LP
1. Step By Step
2. Tea Break
3. Swinging Pool
4. Sports & City I
5. Sports & City II
6. Techno Tribe
7. Black Zone
8. Cold March
9. Anywhere Beyond
10. Between Two World

*download it here*