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ExKurs- Fakten sind Terror LP

Posted in 1980s, 1981, exkurs, german, modern enterainment, New deutsche welle, p1/e, post-punk, synth on November 9, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s a particularly dark gem I stumbled upon in my travels. This post contains the lone LP from German post-punk band ExKurs, released in 1981. Though this is the band’s lone release, members of ExKurs have a rich history in the vast world of early 1980s synth. Michael Hirsch was previously active in Alexander Hacke’s P1/e, while Allan Rae Smith also released a record with Modern Entertainment, his previous punk outfit.

Otherwise, the sounds on this LP feature post-punk rhythms and buzzing electronics, chock full of energy. A true New Deutsch Welle gem, the opening track is a treat in and of itself. Let’s get to the details, shall we?

ExKurs- Fakten sind Terror LP
1. Warten
2. Fakten
3. Bewegung
4. Steril
5. Natur
6. Angst
7. Friedhof
8. Ausblick

*download it here*

The band also have a website, consisting of a disography and brief history, but it’s entirely in German. If you’re up to snuff on the language, feel free to click HERE and check it out.

Meanwhile, to make up for my absence, I have two more posts in store for today, as time allows, so stay tuned for a few requests!

Oh Harry, You’re Such a Drag!- compilation

Posted in 1970s, 1980s, kitchen and the plastic spoons, new wave, our daughter's wedding, p1/e, screamers, synthpunk, Units on February 17, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

A bit of a request for today, ladies and gentlemen, as I’ve uploaded a rather stellar mix of early synthpunk/new/minimal wave tunes. I can’t take credit for creating it, as this mix was originally constructed by Miss Amy Sammartino, a friend of mine from California. It’s both a great introduction to the wonderful synth-based rock world, offering a few choice cuts spanning the late seventies/early eighties. The name derives from the 1966 satircal comedy Lord Love a Duck, the dialogue which is sampled on one of this mixes’ best tracks.

Some of these artists have been featured on these back pages (mostly in earlier days), while others are both favorites old and new, so be sure to give this mix a spin and let me know what you dig. I have full records by most bands on the mix, so I’d be happy to upload a few for curious parties. Here’s the tracklisting, without any further ado:

1. People Like You- Nervous Gender
2. Uncircumsized Twin- Plastic Idols
3. Appeal to Them- Tone Set
4. Elevate (7” Version)- Voice Farm
5. Alien Day- Radio Free Europe
6. Hold That Coed- Dow Jones and the Industrials
7. The Beat Goes On- The Screamers
8. Integrating Circuits- Standing Waves
9. The Politics of Ecstasy- Body Falling Downstairs
10. The Things That You Do- Bob
11. Breakout- Drinking Electricity
12. Microbes- Mekanik Commando
13. Out of Order- The Skinnies
14. Happy Funeral- Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons
15. G-Stalt- Scientific Americans
16. Lawnchairs (Remix)- Our Daughter’s Wedding
17. Be A Zombie- Los Reactors
18. Shopping- Pink Section
19. 49 Second Romance (Disco Mix)- P1/E
20. Forever- Los Microwaves
21. We Need More Power- Geza X
22. Avorton- Edith Nylon
23. Nuclear Tofu- Amoebas in Chaos
24. Digital Stimulation- Units
25. Cardboard Lamb- Crash Course In Science
26. Chango- Devo

*download it here*

Alexander Von Borsig

Posted in alexander von borsig, Einstürzende Neubauten, experimental, industrial, NDW, p1/e on October 17, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

Though I’ve posted material featuring today’s artist’s contributions, I’ve yet to post his own material, so without any further adieu, today’s post features German jack-of-all-trades, Alexander Von Borsig.

Known best for his contributions to Einstürzende Neubauten, P1/E, Crime + the City Solution, and most recently the Tiger Lillies, Alexander Von Borsig (currently active as Alexander Hacke) began making music at the tender age of 13. Under several monikers, he released homemade cassette tape and single recordings of his own material, as well as work with Christiane F. in Sentimentale Jugend. Soon after these tapes were released, he would join as guitarist of experimental act Einstürzende Neubauten (at age 15), and he remains with the band to this day, switching to bass guitar most recently.

I’ve uploaded three tracks for you folks today, the first a single A-side for the song ‘Hiroshima,’ and the second, the entire ‘Japanisch’ single. Enjoy!

download Alexander Von Borsig- ‘Hiroshima’
download Alexander Von Borsig- ‘Japanisch’
download Alexander Von Borsig- ‘Truncheon Rei’

Though there are several clips of Alexander Hacke performing with his other outfits, I can’t seem to find anything on his earlier material for web viewing- though Einstürzende Neubauten’s Liebeslieder dvd features a live piano performance of ‘Hiroshima,’ and is available on netflix for any curious parties.

For more on Alexander Von Borsig/Hacke, visit this cleverly designed site:
Hacke dot org


Posted in 1980s, p1/e on July 11, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

P1/E were an early Neue Deutsche Welle outfit from the heart of Berlin. Though the band has very little recorded output (a handful of songs, a few assorted remixes, and some live recordings at best), the songs they constructed were catchy, influential, and memorable in an emerging synth-scene.

Most well known of the band’s contributors is Alexander von Borsig, an avant garde musician most reknowned for his work in avant-industrial act Einsturzende Neubauten under the name Alexander Hacke. Other projects of Borsig’s include early solo cassette recordings (which will more than likely be featured here in the future), work with Crime and the City Solution, material recorded under the name Sentimentale Jugend, with famed heroin-addict cum-superstar Christine F, and most recently- a stage production with dark-humored English trio the Tiger Lillies.

P1/E were an ephemeral band…and after disbanding in 1981, many of the other members joined various other outfits, none of which managed to make as much of an impact as P1/E (Hacke excluded, naturally). Despite some deep scouring, I’ve only been able to track down three songs from this band, being their first single and a remix of their best-known track- ’49 Second Romance.’ If anyone happens to have their remaining output, most especially the collected bits and bobs lp Second Offender, I’d be tickled pink if you could pass it my way…Otherwise, here are all three tracks I’ve got, uploaded for your pleasure:

download P1/E- ’49 Second Romance’
download P1/E- ‘Dependence’
download P1/E- ’49 Second Romance (Disco Mix)’

Here’s something worth a bit of a laugh…I’m not sure precisely where this comes from (the only information on the video tag claims it was recorded on May 6th…year unknown), but here is a youtube video of a ‘reunited’ P1/E performing ’49 Second Romance/Do the Locomotion’ with Alexander Hacke on vocals. Equal parts funny and equal parts enjoyable:

…and for anyone who knows their German, here’s a main hub website for the band, featuring an in-depth discography, some press clippings, a few tracks from other post-P1/E projects, and assorted remixes and mashups of ’49 Second Romance.’