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Testcard F- complete discography

Posted in 1980s, 1983, 1984, british, minimal, synth, testcard f, wave on July 9, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

I’ve had several requests this year for the remaining discography of Norwich minimal band Testcard F. Firstly, here’s my previously quoted entry on the band, with download information following:

“Testcard F formed in 1981, and reconstructed and built their own synthesizers throughout their tenure. Unlike some synth-punk and minimal wave acts of the time, this band near-completely utilized electronic instruments, drum machines, and backing tapes; the only organic instrumentation appearing in the form of trash cans, coat racks, and other assorted bits of debris. Oftentimes, their live performances would be slagged viciously by heckling attendees, anxious for guitars. One particular gig in their hometown of Norwich ended in a small riot.

The band split immediately on the brink of success after winning a Norwich battle of the bands and recording their two singles and Peel Session in 1984.”

Testcard F- Bandwagon Tango 7”
1. Bandwagon Tango
2. Unfamiliar Room

Testcard F- Third Stroke 7”
1. Third Stroke
2. If Only It Wasn’t

Testcard F- Peel Session (12.18.1982)
1. Bandwagon Tango
2. Blanket Expression
3. If Only It Wasn’t
4. Unfamiliar Room

*download it all here*

Xex- Group:Xex LP

Posted in 1970s, 1980, 1980s, american, experimental, minimal, new jersey, wave, xex on May 19, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s a request of sorts for a classic minimal synthpop gem. Xex were a more experimental wave band, formed in South River, New Jersey. They were a mysterious affair, releasing one record in 1980 and disappearing soon after. The band “began” as a high school kazoo trio. Member Waw Pierogi’s interest in science led to several unique delay and echo experiments in the early years, most of which were employed on the band’s debut. However, though outfit had little musical technique, their trials and experiments yielded several songs, and after their first performance, the original trio of Waw, Thumbalina Gugielmo, and Alex Zander brought in two of their friends/fans to round out the lineup. Thus, after several experiments and debates, Xex was officially born in 1978.

The band spent the next two years constructing several tracks utilizing minimal synth techniques, semi-conventional song structures, and male and female vocal experiments. Due to the nature of their project and the band’s limited abilities, live shows were often inconsistent and humanistic, and often featured performance art and video accompianments.

The original pressing of Group:Xex sold little over a thousand copies. Soon after its release, additional members David Anderson and Jon-Boy Diode departed as Xex completed work on a second record, which due to limited funding and a since-deteriorated master tape, has not yet seen the light of day, and may never will. The original trio continued to work together along with new member Cookie Ruggerio (who previous involvement with the band was limited to walking a stuffed cat during a performance of “Kitty”). Only a few tracks have surfaced, and mid 80s performances of the band did not include Waw Pierogi.

In 2004, cult interest in the band culminated in a proper reissue of Group:Xex, complete with several demo cuts from the band’s original sessions. Just a year before, Alex Zander passed away from a heart attack.

Here’s the information for the CD release of Group:Xex.

Xex- Group:Xex (reissue)
1. Fashion Hurts
2. You Think
3. Snga
4. Rome On $5 A Day
5. Party
6. Saint Vitus’ Dance
7. Svetlana
8. Don’t Blame Me
9. Holland Tunnel
10. Kitty
11. Cops
12. Delta Five
13. Fashion Hurts (Demo)
14. Svetlana (Demo)
15. Saint Vitus’ Dance (Demo)
16. Cops (Demo)
17. You Think (Demo)
18. Snga (Demo)

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED- see below for official purchasing options*

I’m not sure how official this is, but a youtube search comes up with a clipped together video for ‘Kitty,’ so take a peek below:

This is one of the few available records I’ve posted as of late, so if you dig on these tracks, be sure to trash these mp3s post-haste and pick yourself up a copy of the cd reissue, which comes complete with extensive liner notes and further information about the band. Click below to order a copy!

Purchase Group:Xex from
further info and chronology


ATTENTION, dear readers- you can now get a remastered copy of this LP via the always excellent DARK ENTRIES label, an awesome reissue label based out of the west coast. Click here for more info!

Nine Circles- Nine Circle CD

Posted in 1980s, 1982, 1996, minimal, netherlands, synth, wave on April 24, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Some of you may have seen this one on Mutant Sounds*, but if not, here’s some classic female-fronted minimal synth for you folks, the lone release by Netherlands based band Nine Circles. The self-titled disc was released in 1996 but is comprised of tracks recorded in 1982. Though the band’s material scattered across various compilation appearances, it took 14 years for this collection to surface, and there’s little information about this band to be found otherwise.

I have two more tracks by Nine Circles kicking around; ‘How About the Aims in Life?’ and ‘Once In a While’ respectively. I know the former dates from a Dutch compilation cassette entitled Colonial Vipers, but not sure about the latter. For now, here’s the information for the self-titled collection:

Nine Circles- Nine Circles CD
1. When I Dance
2. Twinkling Stars
3. Here Come I
4. The Rose
5. Something Between You And Me
6. Miss Love
7. What’s There Left
8. I’m Deeply Touched

*download it here*

In other news, a few folks have been kind and generous to donate hard-to-find releases over the past few days, so if you’re keen, I’ll work on posting them up here with all the appropriate information soon. If you’re impatient, feel free to scour the comments from the last few entries and pluck ’em out!

*I am admittedly crap about checking every blog to see what’s been posted, but in all fairness, Mutant Sounds is a vast ocean, so I didn’t realise they tossed this same compilation up until after I uploaded it. Nuts!

Christof Glowalla- Complete Works LP

Posted in 1980s, Christof Glowalla, german, minimal, NDW, synth, wave on March 5, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

I am frustratingly hard-pressed to find a sufficient amount of information about today’s artist, Christof Glowalla, a minimal synth/NDW outfit from Germany. I’m even having difficulty pinning down a proper image of the act, aside from various sketches in this vein. Though seemingly a one man outfit, the ‘official’ myspace page clues in on a few other collaborators, though their roles are undisclosed. Certain other records indicate one lone release, a 1980 7” single limited to 1000 copies, but I’ve unearthed and uploaded a one disc collection of completed works, which include a handful of other tracks recorded throughout the 1980s, which most likely appeared on other under-the-radar 7” singles.

That all said, if anyone has any further information on Christof, past OR present, please send it my way. Otherwise, without any further delay, the details:

Christof Glowalla- Complete Works LP
1. Erde 80
2. Technik
3. Science Fiction
4. Der Bose
5. Smog In Der Stadt
6. In Der Zukunft
7. Gift Fur Alle
8. Die Liebe
9. Armer Heino
10. Traum
11. Bauernkrieg
12. ABC
13. Delirium

*download it here*

For a peek at that myspace page, click below:

Christof Glowalla on myspace

Snowy Red- The Right to Die LP

Posted in 1980s, 1982, Belgian, minimal, snowy red, synth, wave on February 27, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Snowy Red is mainly a one-man minimal synth outfit from Belgium, active throughout the 1980s. Though occasionally a band here and there (and featuring scattered collaborators during their tenure), Snowy Red was primarily an outlet for Micky Mike (real name: Marcel Thiel, RIP), who released four records (and two cover records under his proper name) before seemingly disappearing from the music scene in the early nineties. Though seemingly a one-off reunion, Snowy Red reactivated for a Belgian music festival in 2004 as a two piece.

Though each of Snowy Red’s four records are synth classics, I’ve uploaded my favorite, 1982’s The Right to Die, which has a darker atmosphere and heavier synthetics than some of the other material. For more Snowy Red, revisit this post, as the Carol & Snowy Red ‘Breakdown’ 7” is included in the grab bag.


Snowy Red- The Right to Die LP (1982)
1. Euroshima (Wardance)
2. Nowhere
3. I’m Hurt
4. Never Alive
5. Relax
6. Opium
7. Lies In Your Eyes
8. Madman
9. The Right To Die

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED*—> An official boxset containing all of Mike’s work has been reissued via OnderStrom records. NOT TO BE MISSED! RIP Micky…

After scouring youtube, I came up with several clips for Snowy Red, but none actually are videos or live performances, but instead are songs playing with a static image, while one consists of a digitally rendered Second Life character boogying to ‘Euroshima.’ I won’t link it here, but it’s amusing, for those who wish to seek it out.

Otherwise, I believe Snowy Red’s material is best hunted down through your local record shops and eBay, but there IS a seemingly fan-run myspace page, for more information and some digital accompaniment:

Snowy Red on myspace

Camera Obscura- Horizons of Suburbia LP

Posted in 1980s, 2000s, 2005, camera obscura, minimal, synth, uk, wave on February 20, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Thanks for all the requests over the past few weeks, ladies and gents…I’ve been uploading them slowly but surely over the past few posts, and ideally, I shall attend to each one of them in the very near future. Today’s request was for Camera Obscura’s Horizons of Suburbia LP, a synth/wave gem from 1983. Well…not quite. These ten tracks were recorded fifteen years ago but remained unreleased until 2005. Previously, the only documented Camera Obscura releases were a 7” single and a lone compilation appearance.

For the record, there seem to be several bands bearing the same name, including a rather prominent indie pop group. This particular Camera Obscura, however, consisted of Nigel James and Peter Oldroyd and hailed from the UK. The band formed in 1982 and soldiered through record label hardships until 1987, when the band when on indefinite hiatus. In 2005, however, Nigel and Peter dusted off their old material and took to playing shows throughout Europe, meanwhile releasing this lost classic as well as a live record and re-recorded single material. All recent Camera Obscura material has been released by German label Anna Louge Records.


Camera Obscura- Horizons of Suburbia LP (2005)
1. Escape From The City
2. Horizons Of Suburbia
3. The Mandarin Man
4. Fever Pitch
5. Vincent Van Gogh
6. Destitution
7. Circular Waves
8. Scarlet Vixen
9. Mystery Box
10. Race In Athens


To purchase Camera Obscura’s material through Anna Logue Records, please click below! Also, see the following link for the band’s official homepage:

Anna Louge Records
Clan Camera dot com

Opus Finis- Opus Finis CD-R

Posted in 1986, 2000s, florida, minimal, US, wave, wierd records on January 31, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Opus Finis is a currently active two piece minimal synth outfit hailing from Miami Beach, Florida. They are part of the recent upsurge and rekindling of the minimal movement, and in cahoots with NYC’s Wierd Records. Ramiro (synths) is also active as Staccato Du Mal.

The band’s discography consists of one recent 7” single, two tracks on the vinyl-only Wierd Compilation, and one extremely limited CD-R from 2006, the latter which I’ve uploaded for your listening pleasure.


Opus Finis- Opus Finis CD-R

1. Fortress
2. Ad Pondus Omnium
3. Psychological Carousels
4. Adjust
5. Malacoda
6. Scrying Formation

*download it here*

Here’s a clip of the band performing ‘Scrying Formation’ live in 2006:

If you’re of the myspace generation, drop the band a note:
Opus Finis on myspace

Boytronic- The Working Model LP

Posted in 1980s, 1983, 2000s, boytronic, german, synth, wave on January 22, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Thanks to Glenn, I just discovered today’s band, German wave/electro/boy band act Boytronic, this long weekend, and have acquired and uploaded their first record, 1983’s The Working Model, for your listening pleasure.

Boytronic formed in 1983 and released two seminal synthpop records (in the vein of Visage and early Depeche Mode) before running into troubles, as their label claimed ownership to the band’s name, and re-assembled Boytronic with a completely different lineup which lasted into the mid-90s. Funnily enough, the band reunited in 2002, but this incarnation featured Holger Wobker from the first lineup, and Hayo Panarinfo from the second, and continues to this day, releasing records and performing live.

BoytronicThe Working Model LP
 1. Recycled
2. Luna Square
3. Diamonds and Loving Arms
4. Red Chips
5. You
6. (I Want To Live) In Harmony
7. My Baby Lost Its Way
8. You’re the One Who Stays
9. At Last
Here’s the video for ‘Diamonds and Loving Arms’:
For any curious parties:
Boytronic dot com

Basking Sharks- Shark Island LP

Posted in 1983, basking sharks, british, minimal, synth, wave on January 3, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

A request fulfillment for my first of the year, folks… This is UK wave act Basking Shark’s full length record Shark Island, released in 1983. Upon second look, I am still unable to find information about this band aside from a scant discography, but if you want to hear more from them, check my previous post on the Diamond Age 7” here.


Basking Sharks- Shark Island LP
1. Red Rose
2. Starusfa
3. Friends Of Bill
4. Charm
5. View From The Hill
6. Back To Africa
7. Forget
8. Blue Cross
9. The Dive
10. Put It Off
11. Croatia
12. Little Death

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED* — visit the official Basking Sharks site to buy official copies and a CD reissue!

To purchase the band’s best of, Back in the Deep Water, according to a comment left in my last Basking Sharks post, feel free to email for more info. Also, though it hasn’t launched yet, seems as if there will be an official web-hub coming soon at

Spöön Fazer- Music For Life 7”

Posted in 1980s, 1982, avant-garde, Spöön Fazer, synth, uk, wave on December 5, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

Today’s act is UK based avant-garde musician Spöön Fazer. Spöön Fazer was formed in 1978 as a solo venture for drummer Simon Patterson, who earned his nickname from his work in previous outfit The Whippets From Nowhere (a.k.a. 39 Steppes in later incarnations).

As Spöön Fazer, Simon would release a handful of singles, an EP, and a cassette-only recording, all exploring the avant-garde side of a budding wave scene. His calling card was a series of synth drums, drummed on heavily with sets of spoons. On record, two previous members of the Whippets joined Simon on bass, guitars, and backing vocals. As Simon’s career progressed, he developed a heavy interest in Japanese rhythms and instrumentation, which would manifest in Spoon Fazer’s last recordings.

Though Spöön Fazer’s discography is minute (and tough to pin down exactly what exists), Simon has since been involved in several working projects, as both a contributor and a remixer.

I’ve uploaded all three tracks from Spöön Fazer’s Music For Life 7”, also occasionally referred to as the ‘Do Different Dances’ single. I believe this release was combined with another 7” to form the more widely known Music 2 Live 2 = Music 4 Life single.


Spöön Fazer- Music For Life/Do Different Dances 7”
1. Do Different Dances
2. Beat Dance Drumming
3. Motorway Amber Time

*download it here*

Here’s a handful of useful links on Spöön Fazer. The first looks to be an official site (though I can’t seem to get it loaded fully- but it could just be me) and the second, an interview with Simon Patterson from a Spöön Fazer fansite.

Spoon Fazer homepage
An interview with Simon Patterson