Shox- No Turning Back 7”

Sorry for the delay, ladies and gents…I’ve had computer trouble for a few days, and as of this morning (fingers crossed) I’ve gotten things back up and running, with only a few gigs of music completely lost. That said, here’s a quick Friday treat.

Shox were a British wave trio comprising Mike Atkinson, Jacqui Brookes and John Peters. They released only two tracks in 1980, comprising one of the first four Axis 7” singles, just before the label rechristened itself as 4AD that same year.

Jacqui Brookes would go on to sing for both Siam and Intro after this single, releasing a solo LP as well. Not at all sure what happened to the remaining Shox members after this lone recording appearance…

Shox- No Turning Back 7”
1. No Turning Back
2. Lying There

*download it now*

These two tracks can also be purchased digitally via this link to 4AD’s homepage:

Shox on 4AD dot com

Stay tuned next week for more resumed activity (*fingers crossed*), including an album request, a post on NYC locals Bell Hollow, and a bit of new material from the legendary Bush Tetras!

5 Responses to “Shox- No Turning Back 7””

  1. william a Says:

    nice! i just picked up a copy of this at a record store in vienna for about two dollars. i adore both these songs – and it’s odd, a lot of 4ad collectors (guiltily admits, i’m one) hate it. such people are shitheads. both tracks are utterly fantastic, and this post has inspired me to try to find what happened to hem. hard to believe they could do something this good and never work again.

  2. william a Says:

    and, here you go. she did two singles as a band “intro,” and then a single or two and an album solo.

  3. Just recently discovered your excellent blog. There’s some great stuff on here. I’m going to add a link on my blog (unless you object for some reason).

  4. frankie teardrop Says:

    excellent! i’d love to have some of these initial 4ad singles in tangible form…some of them are really tough to come by. $2 is a steal. i’ll try to track down some Fingerprintz material to post shortly- thanks for the info!

    and mick- thanks in advance for the link! i shall add you swiftly as well.

  5. […] while Jackie Brookes was part of the original 4AD lineup, providing vocals for the Shox 7” (one of my first uploads). She was also a member of Siam (a synthpop outfit reminiscent of Berlin) and released a solo LP in […]

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