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Pardon the delay in posting, friends… Today’s band fulfills a request via email for French coldwave outfit Ellysgarden and their lone release, 1994’s Echoes. Their sound is more likens more to the shoegaze and dreampop movement as opposed to their country’s coldwave roots, most likely a product of the times. Further information about the three-piece band is scarce, though members of the band were previously active as Rosa Luxemburg, but if anyone has any more info regarding Ellysgarden’s whereabouts or history, feel free to send it my way. Otherwise, without any further ado, here’s the information for this gem of a record:

Ellysgarden- Echoes CD
1. Open Doors
2. Our Prayers
3. Over the Fancies
4. I’ll Know
5. Rise of Soul
6. Echoes
7. Muse (On My Own Face)
8. Velvet
9. King for a Day
10. A Boy Too Shy
11. Expiration
12. Her Face

*download it here*

18 Responses to “Ellysgarden- Echoes CD”

  1. I think it’s a disappointing release..having heard Clair Obscur few days back..this seems like an average guitar pop band.

  2. but thanks for the album.

  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    agreed that the first wave was much better…this is definitely more of a shoegaze record despite the band’s coldwave tag.

  4. French new wave was a very interesting phenomena. This music is almost unknown nowadays but still fascinated…
    Thanks for Your site and chance to known it.

  5. Iam not a big fan of shoegaze(even before I was just recently aware to what it referred), but all post are greatly appreciated for the content and time put into them. Thanks always. Iam waiting for my copy of the archived ‘Das Kabinette’ lp to arrive. I dont even own a turntable but someone will. Iam anxious to hear.


  6. Joshua Second Says:

    I’ve been searching for this for a long time, thanks a lot for the upload (I do like shoegaze).

  7. good one buddy. there’s a myspace page interestingly enough…

  8. Not really agree on the shoegazing tag… Definitly, Ellysgarden had a more “poppy” edge compared to Clair Obscur, a band which always was impossible to categorize neway. Ellysgarden was more a bridge between darker atmosphere “à la” And Also The Trees” and lighter sounds “à la” Sad Lovers And Giants.
    Anyway, this Lp was more a collection of demos than a proper in itself. For those who are curious enough, you should check Ellysgarden previous band, Rosa Luxemburg, with a girl singing (www.myspace.com/rosaluxemburgmusic). Funnily enough, back in late 80’s, this band was on a compilation tape along with Clair Obscur (a compilation made at the time by Marc Collin, who is now the brainchild of the Nouvelle Vague project).
    The singer of Ellysgarden is now guitarist in Catleya (they have a myspace, too). Rosa Luxemburg singer, Alex, then formed a pop band called Spring, and then realised a sole Lp under the moniker of Suvburbia (very new order-ish, and quite good).
    Interesting blog, by the way!
    All the best.

  9. I like it anyway !


  11. Plastiquegal Says:

    I think its an alright album, kind of like a slightly lazier french man’s version of For Against if you ask me….But it’s a similar vein…
    Where the hell can anyone find that Rosa Luxemburg… now That’s! what I’ve been trying to get my greedy fingers on for some 4 years!

  12. fabrice Says:

    Hello, i was the bass player of Rosa Luxemburg and Ellysgarden. Thanks for talking about "Echoes". Rosa Luxemburg and Ellysgarden doesn't exist anymore but listening to this album reminds me lots of good time.

  13. […] Here’s another generous donation, this time from Jonathan. Here we have a demo tape from Ellysgarden, recorded in 1988.  If you haven’t heard their full length record, 1994′s Echoes, you can grab that here.  […]

  14. hello there!
    here’s the souncloud page:

  15. White Trash Says:

    Hi Frankie, this don’t work, i’m taking many times to go down, (after 2 hours and more…) but isn’t. And at the end the files isn’t good.
    Please re-up, if you could.


    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      Hey WhTS-
      Not sure what the issue is- I am able to download here and unzip just fine both at work and at home. It took less than 2 minutes to download both times, and all the files are in good order. I’m at a loss.

  16. Osvaldo Jr Says:

    Good Band, nice sounds of original post punk.

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