Play- Red Movies LP

I was just turned on to this record on New Year’s eve, and it’s an underrated synth-pop gem, through and through. Well, it’s more of an EP than a record proper, as it collects all three of UK synthpop act Play’s 12” and 7” singles on one vinyl.

Little is known about this one man act, though Wayne Kennedy was assisted by a few Survival Records pals, including David Rome of Drinking Electricty for the recording and release of this 1985 record. Otherwise, it’s simply another fantastic anomaly from the glory days of synthpop. Without more info to contribute, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, shall we?

Play- Red Movies LP
1. Red Movies
2. Erase the Memory
3. Deeper Than Blue
4. This Little Girl
5. Chasing the Sun
6. You Don’t Look the Same
7. In My Mind

DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED- at long last, Medical Records has reissued the entire Play discography (Red Movies LP + the extra remixes here) on LP.  Order HERE on Bandcamp!

7 Responses to “Play- Red Movies LP”

  1. louissyfer Says:

    thanx! nice, thanx for the link …

    any Ultravox rarities?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This EP is definitely among the best 10 Wave/Synthpop records ever released! thanks for sharing once again

  3. I'm italian and my englis is not perfect. I fall in love with this LP. Great! Please,do you know where I can find the lyrics?? especially "In my mind"…
    Thanks…really!! Bye.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    i've uploaded the lyrics for
    in my mind here:

    please correct any errors,
    i am not sure about the second line
    of the chorus.

  5. […] that in mind, here’s a pair of singles by Play. In a previous post, I had uploaded their Red Movies LP, which was donated with a few bonus tracks tacked on to the […]

  6. Finally being reissued on Medical Records in mid september 2013

  7. This LP (EP) is a real gem! I can’t believe only 6 songs (3 singles) were ever recorded by this band. I would really love to hear more. Thankfully the album has been reissued. Shame there is not more information regarding the band. I wonder if there is anything else left to release?

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