Various Artists- SNX (4LP + 7”)

Happy Holidays, dear readers! As a gift for the holidays and to close this year of Systems of Romance, I’ve freshly ripped the elusive SNX boxset, a four LP and one 7” epic collection of experimental music and minimal synth released on French label Hawaii in 1985. All sorts of gems on this one, from more familiar names (Ohama, Mark Lane, Stratis, Twice a Man), and tons of extremely rare and extremely obscure goodies.

For your downloading pleasure, I’ve uploaded it as one large zip file via zshare. There’s lots of info regarding the release, so let’s cut this short and get right to the nitty gritty. Again, happy holidays, ladies and gents, and see you all in 2010!

Various Artists- SNX: The Entomology of Tomorrow’s Popular Music

LP 1
1 The Tom & Marty Band- Algiers
2. Metropakt- Neuen Strassen
3. Marina La Palma- Hong-Kong Shoes
4. Influenza Prods.- Pretty City
5. Oksana Linde- Mariposas Acuaticas
6. Kastrierte Philosophen- Gun Beat Babes I
7. Short Term Memory- Go Home
8. Unknowmix- Ronnie Boy
9. Club Dada- Emprisioned Flesh
10. Danny Alias- Civil Defense: The War Dance
11. Les Objets Insolites- To Separate…

Tracks 1-5: FACE ABRUPTE

LP 2
1. Hans Hendrickx- Berlin Johnson
2. Albert Ret’s Police Rip- Lonely Vigils At The Morgue
3. Space Negroes- The Eight Sea
4. Asmus Tietchens- Deformhaus
5. Walls Of Genius- House Of Horrors
6. Ampzilla’s Delight- Landscape III
7. La 1919- Nervi
8. Zarfati Bund- Moyde Ani
9. Tara Cross/Unovidual- Touch Me Here, Touch Me There
10. Frieder Butzmann- N’GA
11. Human Flesh- First Aid (38th Human Attempt)
12. Renaldo & The Loaf- Here’s To The Oblong Boys
13. Rainer Linz- Colour TV Song


LP 3
1. Suyama Kumiko- Dance
2. Twipi Twipa- Bad Dream
3. Wadya Want- Snapshot
4. Kid Montana- Rico Apollo
5. Stabat Stable- Bubble
6. Hypnobeat- Can God Rewind? Close The Fridge! (Part 2/Remix)
7. Autopsia- Lebensherrgabe
8. BP. Service- Enervated Tiny Dranghts
9. Primitive Products- Don’t Do That
10. Pekka Airaksinen- Kashyapa
11. Randy-Raine Reusch- Pelan Pelan
12. Strafe Fur Rebellion- Kamerun

Tracks 7-12: FACE FINALE

LP 4
1. 3 Musketeers- New Brass
2. Gheneral Thi Et Les Fourmis- Prima Dona
3. Twice A Man- Happy Life
4. The Pool- Burn The Bride
5. Peter Kaminski- Compudrive
6. Bill Rhea- Incarna
7. Denis Mpunga & Paul K.- Fuanyaka
8. 96 Eyes- Schneepalast
9. Ohama- The Drum
10. Carlos R. Arcaute- Psique

Tracks 1-5: FACE GLYCOSE

1. Mark Lane- Pushing And Pulling
2. Stratis- Herzlos
3. Vo Ese- Rike’s Birthday

*download it ALL here!*

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  1. awesome, thanx!

  2. Hmmmmm. This does look most interstin Frankie. Thank-you and Merry Christmas. I'll bet you are seeing snow in N.Y today.
    All we are getting is rain and blowing wind.


  3. What a wonderful christmas present!!

    Thanks and a merry x-mas

  4. Derk Biӧndi Says:

    hey, I discovered your blog recently! I wanted to show my appreciation for the work you put into it. Great stuff all around, thank you very much for all the music you put up here, I have found many new bands to listen and play on my radio show!

  5. Only a few artists ring any bells. Really looking forward to hearing this. Thanks & Happy Holidays!

  6. nooooo not zshare T_T

  7. chris sessions Says:

    You are the man. Thanks so much for all the great music you share. Happy holidays!

  8. kinderfunk Says:

    thanks. that metropakt track rocks me like crazy 8]


    I wish you all the best and hope all your dreams come true!

    Happy New Year!

  10. Many Thanks for your hard work! Looks great!


  11. Anonymous Says:

    The download doesn't work. There is an error after different stages of downloading. A friend of mine has the same problem…

  12. frankie teardrop Says:

    just checked it twice, downloaded just fine for me. just make sure your connection doesn't time out while downloading!

  13. frankie teardrop Says:

    just checked it twice, downloaded just fine for me. just make sure your connection doesn't time out while downloading!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    i have tried this link three times and cant seem to get it. it downloads, but when i try to uncompress it, it is errored. i have used your site before with no problems, and have loved everything i have heard. so im very interested in this. can you help me? thanks.

  15. […] this kind of reminds me of Bene Gesserit, or any of a handful of tracks from the seminal SNX compilation. I like. Navicon Torture Technologies & Deutsch Nepal, Victvm Vermis Sick of […]

  16. Beckmann Says:

    I keep on finding great stuff on this blog!

    Thx ever so much…!

    Gruß aus Europa

  17. Hi there,
    thnaks a lot for such a great release! Is there any chance you might do some high quality scan of the sleeves and inserts will be nice to read the info that the release have.
    greetings from Peru!

    Cesar Augusto

  18. Thanks, ten years after, for letting available one of the rarest gem. Greetings from France

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