Various Artists- Systems of Romance Vol. 1

I’ve just finished whipping up few discs of obscure rarities for my DJ books, and partially inspired by Crispy Nuggets and his unstoppable series of loose tracks, I’ve decided to share these two with you. I’ll post one of these now and follow with the second sometime next week.

Here’s the tracklisting for this particular batch:

VA- Systems of Romance Vol. 1
1. Dream (For My Sake)- Bino
2. You’re Always Guilty- Vellum Stairs
3. Ein Traum- Dammerattacke
4. Seg Og Hor/Jenten Fra- Knut Skodvin
5. Paradoxe- Thierry Meyer
6. First Impressions- VHF
7. Tanz Ins Gluck- Die Neue Weltmacht
8. Bronson- Eirin Peryglus
9. All That Place- Excentrique Noiz
10. Secret Affair- Industrie
11. The Cops Are Coming- Karnage
12. Interferon- Phillipe Laurent
13. Mole At The Circus- Slim Bridges & the Wildfowlers
14. The Time of Your Life- This Perfect Day
15. Trading in Guilt- Vital Signs
16. Ond Mae’r Dawns Yn Mynd Ymlaen- Y Gwasgwyr
17. Tell Me When Your Heart Beats- New Scientists

*download it here!*

Quick disclaimer: These are all exclusive/donated rips in piecemeal form, though on second glance, there’s a little touch of overlap here. The entire Vital Signs and New Scientists records have been uploaded by none other than Crispy himself (different rips), while you can find out more about Eirin Peryglus by clicking here, and here respectively. Otherwise, hope there’s enough new faces to keep you kids occupied. Stay tuned for Vol. 2 to follow next week!


EDIT 4.2.13:  This Perfect Day has just released a CD containing “The Time of Your Life” and “The Garden” as well as 11 other exclusive tracks.  The CD, titled No Frills, Just Noise! is available via the band’s facebook page!

29 Responses to “Various Artists- Systems of Romance Vol. 1”

  1. I would definitely like to see more of these compilations here on blogs! So many unshared gems, incomplete albums, etc. Thank you (and Crispy too) for sharing!

  2. Hell YES! Thank u, Frankie!

  3. Hello, thanks for posting such a great compilation!
    If you have the Peppermint Lounge "All Dead" 12" can you please post that too,
    Many thanks

  4. Awesome, thanks.

    I've been listening to all five Sequins and Spandex mixes lately. Can't wait to scope this one.

  5. many thanx!

  6. hifihillary Says:

    now this is what i'm talking about… 🙂

  7. This site has over 90 and counting free compilations:

    There's good songs there too.

  8. hi frankie!!

    amazing compilation,thnx a lot!!

    i leave the link as you enjoy with a personal compilation,called: new wave vol.1 since my blog: tears and dreams 7'' & 12'' inches,here:

    congratulations for your personal compilation!!.


  9. …any chances for the b side of Thierry Meyer's 7''?

  10. I'm really digging Dammerattacke's Ein Traum. It's got a sonic chorus section that breaks into a nice groove. Would love to hear more.

  11. Also, I'd love to hear more of Industrie.

  12. many thanks!
    I wish that you could put these nice gems in lossless flac someday!

    thank you!

  13. oh man…this comp is PERFECT!!! this is the stuff right here. thanx again!

  14. …others ask for lossless formats,others ask for albums that go for 100+ euros…
    People should be more than happy with what they get for free,
    than requesting for even more…it's not like it's the easiest material to be found…

  15. Thank you so much for offering all these unknown gems! I want more! 🙂

  16. Anonymous Says:

    What a nice gem! Much obliged! Can't wait for vol. 2. until then, this treat will be on repeat.

  17. Thanks so much! As always, you rock Frankie!!

  18. Still listening to this a few times a week. Great mix.

    Thanks for posting more of some of these bands. On that note! I'd love to hear more Y Gwas Gwyr. Those minimal blips hit me just the right way.

  19. Greetings from Vermont – thank you for this collection; the clouds of Autumn are rolling in so this should help…

  20. Do you have the album by Dämmerattacke? Just listened to the title track on YouTube, and along with your track it makes me very curious about it! Seems impossible to find …

  21. Do you have the album by Dämmerattacke? Just listened to the title track on YouTube, and along with your track it makes me very curious about it! Seems impossible to find …

  22. […] to post this one. A recent favorite, you may recall seeing these guys on the Systems of Romance vol. 1 compilation. A rare Japanese darkwave entry, Excentrique Noiz released two 7”s and a full […]

  23. […] courtesy of BX. I posted the a-side to this magnificent French minimal synth 7” on the first Systems of Romance compilation, and suffice to say, the b-side is of similarly high quality. Also an instrumental, but […]

  24. […] there. Zerbrechlich was the electronic side project of Dämmerattacke, who appear on the very first Systems of Romance compilation. The Zip Guns, who issued one LP in 1994, also consist of several Dämmerattacke […]

  25. […] French musician Alan Shearer, released in 1985. I included the final track on this LP in the recent Systems of Romance compilation post, so some of you may already be familiar with this album’s general vibe. You […]

  26. […] of my favorite tracks from the first Systems of Romance compilation is Industrie’s “Secret Affair”- a playful synth jam with solid female vocals. […]

  27. Thanks for this and for all. The track 13 appears twice: 13 for Slim Bridge & the Wildflowers, and 13 for Pursuit of Color. Who are they, Pursuit of Color? I liked that song (all, i like all compilation but that song intrigue me).

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