Intro- 12” discography

Up next we have two donated singles by UK-based synthpop project Intro, both released in 1983. While these two rips were donated by bx59cppw, I just recently found the first 12” kicking around for a mere $5, so this one should be easy enough to track down for those who would like to own it for themselves. Definitely an affordable piece of synthpop heaven!

Some of you may recognize the track “Haunted Cocktails” from the Return of Flexi-Pop series, so you can expect more of the same female fronted dance grooves on the rest of these tracks. Great production, catchy hooks, and all the works are on display here. As for the parties responsible, Jimmie O’Neill was involved as a producer with several projects, including Fingerprintz and The Silencers, while Jackie Brookes was part of the original 4AD lineup, providing vocals for the Shox 7” (one of my first uploads). She was also a member of Siam (a synthpop outfit reminiscent of Berlin) and released a solo LP in 1984, which features a few alternate mixes of these tracks.

This should definitely hit the spot for fans of U-BahnX, Kim Wilde, Moev, November Group, etc. Here’s the info:

Intro- Haunted Cocktails 12”
1. Haunted Cocktails
2. Haunted Cocktails (Haunted Mix)
3. Departures

Intro- Lost Without Your Love 12”
1. Lost Without Your Love
2. Lost Mix (Muzak Superior)
3. Epic

*download both here*

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  1. You just made my day and blew me away!!! I have been searching for the complete Into – Haunted Cocktails EP in digital format for over a decade and finally today I discovered your post!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this awesome share. Even though I prefer lossless quality the quality of these 320 MP3s is superb. The Lost Without Your Love EP was a nice bonus, as I was not previously familiar with it.
    Stevo In Yr Stereo of Mind-Altering Music

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Link don't work ( Plz updat this. Thanks!

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