Mad Matrix- Men Alone 7”

Here’s a classic disco cut for fans of the genre. Belgian disco with italo leanings, released in 1985. Naturally, several versions of the a-side track exist. The 7” edit is present here, alongside an exclusive b-side not on any of the other singles. For those who can’t get enough of this jam, you can get the 12” extended mix (special club version) by clicking here. Beware the downtuned synth lines! Definitely a killer track in any incarnation.

Mad Matrix- Men Alone 7”
1. Men Alone
2. We Are Mad Matrix

*download it here*

and again, nab the Special Club Version of the track here!

5 Responses to “Mad Matrix- Men Alone 7””

  1. Thanks a lot! Great track, please post more italo
    Much appreciated

  2. Cool stuff, thank you!!

  3. Hello, thanks for sharing such good music. Do you have Inertia "Dancebeat Attitude"

  4. […] lending me a handful of jams from his back pages. I’ve also re-included the 12” mix of Mad Matrix’s “Men Alone,” a Belgian track in the same vein, since it just works so well here. […]

  5. I’m pretty sure the artwork has been done by St├ęphane Rosse ! More about him here :

    And his Tumblr

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