Various Artists- Systems of Romance vol. 3 & 4

I was going to wait until early next week to post these, but I’m terrible with keeping secrets, so here’s an early holiday treat for you all. Linked below are TWO new Systems of Romance loose tracks compilations, lovingly assembled and pieced together from various sources, private collections, and generous donations!

Before we get to the tracklistings, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for a truly solid year here at Systems of Romance, probably the best we’ve had yet. I really appreciate all the support from artists, fellow bloggers, and readers alike. Here’s to many more years and many more posts to come!

Warm fuzzies aside, let’s get to the good stuff!

Various Artists- Systems of Romance Vol. 3
1. Movements- Pascal Wathelet
2. The Aesthete- Biokonstruktor
3. Attack Decade- The Toy Shop
4. Erosion- Teepee
5. Demain Peut-Etre- Clair Instant
6. Man in the Railings- Plain Characters
7. Fate/Hate- Nyam Nyam
8. Mass Media- Monty Cantsin
9. Binary- Kazino
10. Ik En Mezelf- Fred A.
11. On- Zana
12. Fussball- Seltsame Zustände
13. Flickan I Mitt Badkar- Finish Him
14. Marche Nuptiale- Anches Doo Too Cool
15. New Harbours- Movement
16. Can’t Stop- Avantgarde De Luxe
17. Huge Box- The Bien
18. Paula- Nasa
19. Beautiful Lady- Hidden Pleasure

*download it here*

Various Artists- Systems of Romance Vol. 4
1. The Invitation- Portrait Bizarre
2. Robot Dynastie- Terminus B
3. Let’s Call-Up- Forum
4. Marilyn En Jean- Tonic
5. Camera Room- Breathing Age
6. Sons of the Snake- Alan Shearer
7. Last Train- Goûts De Luxe
8. Let Me Out of Here- Fizik
9. Certain Words- Clair Instant
10. You Hurt Me (Original Version)- Shark Vegas
11. Changing- Siam
12. Never Seen- Second Thoughts
13. Soba 23- Denis & Denis
14. Chant D’Yxos- Pascal Wathelet
15. XYZ- Pat Sheedy
16. Some Other Day- Insanity
17. In Loving Memory- Steve Ainsworth
18. The Letter- D’Arc

*download it here*

In case you missed them, you can get vol. 1 here and vol. 2 here! Have a great holiday, everyone!

32 Responses to “Various Artists- Systems of Romance vol. 3 & 4”

  1. Thanks!!!!! Will start inmediatly listening to them, loved the 1st and 2nd volumes!

  2. Thanks alot…again! Where did u find the little gold bead "The letter" with D'arc..?

  3. Vanilla Face Says:

    Nice work, brother. I have the Pat Sheedy LP, not particularly worth a full rip but I'm sure you and bX wouldn't mind hearing anyway. I'll get around to that at some point!

  4. Thanks Frankie! Always love your installments. Happy holidays.

  5. Thanks for these amazing compilations. It'd be nicer to get the covers in a bigger size though (or at least in a more visible size). I particularly like vol.3's 🙂 Cheerz

  6. frankie teardrop Says:

    robby- the photos are actually works of art by francis bacon and gilbert & george respectively. the paintings are titled "second version of tryptych 1944" (for vol. 3) and "england" (vol. 4).

  7. Do you know this Spanish band (although the guitarist and the bass player was Swedish)?

    The basslines are great.


  8. perfect!!!!!!Insanity -Some Other Day

  9. Fantastic blog ! Rare stuff here, love the compilation idea.
    Have a look at my blog

  10. Great comps as usual.80s italian duo endless nostalgia could be a great choice for the next…

  11. thanks a million Franky! this is to very nice of you to share with us ,i like the (breathing age – camera room) track do you have more of this band?:)

  12. strieb_griebling Says:

    Just found this blog after recently getting into this kind of music (after a number of years as a 60s garage rock and psych fanatic). So much stuff on here that I'm going to have to hear, it's going to keep me busy for a while. Thanks such a lot for all the effort that's gone into it.

  13. Sheer brilliance!!!!

    Of course you now gave me/us the monumental task in finding all the full releases of these bands and artist's.:)
    I for one making only slow progress – some very hard to find stuff….

    Seeing 2 Clair Instant tracks in 320 – you wouldn't by any chance have their full album Sensations?


  14. Thanks for the great comps! "Demain Peut-Etre" by Clair Instant is my favourite track, but their full-length LP is sadly nowhere to be found on the net….

  15. Holly Happy Days
    Sensations please.
    Thanks for all:)

  16. This is the best gift ever!!! Thank you! I have been enjoying 1 and 2 so much so this is just very awesome. (Oh and LOVE the Kazino binary song… great addition!) Is there a full length for that band? I have them only on my disco not disco comp….

  17. Jurassik Dark Says:

    very nice, I've been looking for this kind of music and here I found lots of good stuff. Thanx.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for taking time to put this together…I'm looking for some new sounds and I found your blog. Looks interesting! Nice blog too!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Perfect posts. I always love to listen to some great new / old minimal synth stuff unknown to my ears. Just a quick note: I think the track by Pat Sheedy is not "XYZ" but it is called "Gravity". Anyway, thanks for posting and keep up the great work.
    Best wishes from Germany

  20. Second Thoughts – Never Seen (You Before) OMDGMNB. THANK You soo Much! What a blogspot…

  21. Anonymous Says:

    does anyone know more about the band named Teepee?

  22. frankie teardrop Says:

    Anon- Teepee were a collective of Lively Art musicians banding together to record a few songs. This track was unearthed recently, while another appears on the 13: Lively Art compilation.

    The name comes from shortening the name of the movement the bands were associated with. Touching Pop = TP = Teepee. Pretty cool!

  23. Student Driver Says:

    Steve Ainsworth is absolutely incredible! Do you happen to have any more from him? I see on Discogs he did a split with Jar called fifty/fifty but It's practically unknown.
    A share would be sooooo much appreciated.
    Thanks for the awesome mix.

  24. Nice lot. For people interested in more TERMINUS B, hear some at

  25. […] of this track! 9. Denmark band, from their first LP, released in 1982. Another track appears on SOR vol. 3. 10. An unreleased track from the UK band featured here. 11. Also from the 8 Essential Attitudes […]

  26. […] This LP has been on my radar for ages, as I’ve only heard two tracks from this artist. One earlier track from the debut 12” can be found on Nick’s excellent VA comp, and I included an alternate version of a track from this LP on one of my own. […]

  27. […] over the next few posts! This particular post concerns the Israeli band, featured on a previous Systems of Romance […]

  28. […] French musician Alan Shearer, released in 1985. I included the final track on this LP in the recent Systems of Romance compilation post, so some of you may already be familiar with this album’s general vibe. You […]

  29. […] killer minimal synth-esque b-side “Last Train”) on the most recent installments of the Systems of Romance loose tracks compilations. Since I haven’t seen their work shared out there, I figured it was […]

  30. Imagine my surprize ! I live in France and have a copy of the -seems so- rare 7″ from Second Thoughts (Never seen//Wrapped) on M+R records issued (?) in 1985. “Wrapped” is also excellent song ! Wonder if this ever came out in the shops, ’cause it looks like a demo/test press copy (No picture sleeve, only white paper sleeve). Good job, wonderfull comp’ here !

  31. Has anyone more infos about this band ? Thanks !!!!

  32. Great compilation. Thank you very much.

    Do you know if ‘Erosion’ by Teepee is available in better quality than 128 kbps ??

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