Move- Move Out of Sight K7

While a good majority of LPs and 12”s have been discovered by now, cassettes seem to be the final frontier. So many tapes out there, demos, official releases, or what have you, many which have yet to be unearthed and accounted for. With that in mind, the next few posts will all be cassette rips, so buckle up and enjoy!

First up, we have an incredibly rare cassette from Move, the stellar Italian post-punk band covered here (expect a better rip, or even better- a potential reissue of that LP in the near future). You can also get their split LP with Gronge over at the always excellent Kentucky Fried Wave.

This cassette was released in the same year as the LP (1986), though this one predates the LP by some time. Only one track from this K7 appears on the LP in a different form, while the rest rely the same successful male/female switch-off.

Move- Move Out of Sight K7
1. Move Out Of Sight
2. Lo Scoglio
3. Plastik Money
4. Re Sole
5. Kronstadt
6. Sweet Move

*download it here*

6 Responses to “Move- Move Out of Sight K7”

  1. all the Move material will be reissued by Mannequin and Sacred Bones, like the UV POP was!

  2. EX LION TAMER Says:

    Compliments for the great work. I just got back to blogging myself, following a couple of years of web silence after ending previous site TOTALLY WIRED. You can now find me at, and I'll be linking your blog there.

  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    nice to hear from you again, ELT! will add your blog asap!

  4. […] Released in 1986, this is the band’s only proper full length release. Just a year later, however, the band released a split 12” with Gronge, which can be found via Kentucky Fried Wave.  There’s also a demo tape released shortly before this LP, which I’ve since found and uploaded here. […]

  5. Jesse Oor Says:

    Splendidly delicious bass!

  6. […] unheard Move demo tape from 1985, ripped by a good friend in Italy.  This tape precedes the Move out Sight cassette and the self-titled LP by a year and change and features a handful of otherwise unreleased […]

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