Wierd Records/Xeno & Oaklander

Allow me this opportunity to plug a rather solid compilation of new, rare minimal and coldwave acts that has been making the circuit and breathing fresh life into it. Since 2003, Wierd Records has existed in the recess of the NYC music scene, a series of weekly events that combine live music and solid djs spinning synth, gothic, darkwave, post-punk, etc. The label is run by artist and DJ Pieter Schoolwerth, and this compilation, released on vinyl last year (3 lps and a bonus 7”!) yields a hefty bounty for anyone with a proper turntable and a passion for underground wave.Today’s tracks are featured on this compilation and come from Xeno and Oaklander, a NYC-based minimal outfit featuring multi-instrumentalists Liz Wendelbo and Sean McBride (also the brainchild of fellow Wierd act Martial Cantarel). Pulsing layers of synthesizers and catchy female vocals lace these two songs, and I hope you all enjoy ’em.download Xeno and Oaklander- ‘Non-Senti’
download Xeno and Oaklander- ‘Cold Forever’

and here’s another youtube video for you folks, featuring Xeno and Oaklander playing ‘Non-Senti’ live at Wierd Records’ original night in Brooklyn.

more information about the Wierd Records compilation, including tracklisting and purchase information can be found here:

Wierd Records
 and on myspace (check here for information about their new weekly night at Home Sweet Home in NYC):
Wierd Records on myspace

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