The Electronic Circus- Direct Lines 7”

Here’s a real quick post before I sneak off for the weekened. Uploaded here, by generous donation, we have one of the best minimal synth singles out there, at least in my opinion. The a-side is an absolute romantic synth classic, while the b-side here is a more atmospheric, piano-driven affair, an interesting but pleasant counterpoint to the sheer pop perfection on the flip.

Fun fact about this one. Main contributor Chris Payne was also in both Visage and the Dramatis (who had a solid hit with Gary Numan on vox). Easy to see why there’s such great mastery on this one! Here’s the info:

The Electronic Circus- Direct Lines 7”
1. Direct Lines
2. Le Chorale

*download link removed* – this 7” was reissued in 2017 by¬†Animated Records in Chicago, and again in 2021 by Iron Lung Records. Support these labels and the artists and pick up a reissue copy if you can!

12 Responses to “The Electronic Circus- Direct Lines 7””

  1. Oooh
    That's a really cool post here!
    Thanks a lot!!

  2. awesome, but i think you mean dramatis. although a gary numan fronted funk band sounds amazing.

  3. Thanx for a great find! I heard it on and just loved it!

  4. oldskool Says:

    Listening again. Wow, what a song. 1000 times better than anything that's on the radio today. Thank you!

  5. Why was this not a hit???

  6. marsyas Says:

    very, very thank you

  7. I will always be grateful to you for uploading this masterpiece…

  8. schwenko Says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  9. Thanks. I’m using this in my next DJ set.

  10. ChrisinNashville Says:

    This song is absolutely brilliant! I really have no clue why this group didn’t make a career of it. Direct Lines was released three and a half decades ago and blows away most anything you’ll hear in the present. The music industry is for the most part, an embarrassment. This single should have sold millions!

  11. sdfsdgsgasdg Says:

    awesome sause, unbelivable tracks

    please post more

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