Jeff & Jane Hudson- No Clubs 7”

Today’s band has been through several different stylistic changes and the main members have been involved in a slew of projects throughout the years.

In their first incarnation, a pair of musicians from Boston named Jeff and Jane Hudson formed the Rentals in 1977, a art-punk band who shared similar bills with the likes of the Clash, the B-52s, and James Chance & the Contortions. After relocating to NYC, the band released a full length record on Beggar’s Banquet and subsequently split. After a brief tenure as the Manhattan Project, playing opening slots for no-wave terrors Suicide, the pair split off and recorded together as simply Jeff and Jane Hudson.

The band employed a TR-808 drum machine and took up synth pop, releasing two records in two years and a series of 7” singles that explored synthetic territory with a bit of the old art-punk aesthetic. They shared stages with Ministry, Public Image Ltd., and Duran Duran. The duo split in ’85 to pursue separate projects, and only reunited in 1995 under the same name as a psychedelic act. As far as is determined, the duo still play together under this style, and have re-recorded older tracks and Rentals songs alongside their newer material.

Today’s tracks are from their synth-era, and I’ve uploaded one of their 7” singles as well as one of their more well known tracks for your listening pleasure. Also linked below is a recording of the Rentals song ‘Elephants,’ taken from Jeff and Jane’s official site. Without any further delay:

Jeff and Jane Hudson- No Clubs 7”
*Download links removed, see below for reissue info*

other links include:
the official Jeff and Jane Hudson website (includes purchasing information)
Jane’s page
Jeff’s page


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  1. OMG, I Jeff and Jane Hudson! I forgot all about them. Thanks for reminding me.

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