Though I’ve scoured the usual channels for information, I found next to nothing on today’s artist, UK wave outfit Lelu/Lu’s, aside from a handful of compilation releases. I’ve only managed to come across two of these elusive tracks in their discography, but what a duo they are. Lo-fi, catchy, quirky, female fronted wave. The first, ‘Down My Spine’ is a stand alone track, looped with a bit of flute throughout while the second track, the more bombastic ‘Africa’ is featured on a split 7” with fellow Belgian new wave act Bene Gesserit.

If anyone has any additional information on this band, including sources for other tracks and information, by all means, drop a comment and pass them along! Otherwise, here’s today’s downloads:

download Lelu Lus- ‘Down My Spine’
download Lelu Lus- ‘Africa’

Thanks to Irk the Purists for a few additional bits and bobs!

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