Severed Heads

Hailing from Australia, today’s band Severed Heads relied early on tape loops and abrasive synthesizers, and over the course of several years perfected their noise-based craft into a blend of experimentation and pop music.

The band formed in Sydney in 1979 under the name Mr. and Ms. No Smoking Sign and changed their name to Severed Heads as they began recording their expansive discography. With their unique stage shows and noise-laced yet catchy tracks, the band developed a rather large following and by 1984, they embarked upon a rather large world tour backed by their single ‘Dead Eyes Opened.’

Unlike most bands featured on these pages, Severed Heads are still alive and kicking, having gone through several record deals and lineup changes (Tom Ellard remaining the only original member to date) since their conception and peak. The band would disappear from the music industry in late 1999, but continues to release underground and independent recordings and live collections on a semi-regular basis. Their most recent work includes a soundtrack to a DVD film entitled The Illustrated Family Doctor in 2005.

I’ve uploaded two of my favorite Severed Heads tracks from their earlier days… The first, ‘Triangle Tangle Tango’ is a favorite of mine to spin, featured on 1989’s Rotund For Success. The second track, ‘We Have Come to Bless This House’ is featured on their classic 1985 record City Slab Horror.

download Severed Heads- ‘Triangle Tangle Tango’
download Severed Heads- ‘We Have Come to Bless This House’

As for their biggest single, here’s the official video for ‘Dead Eyes Opened’ for your viewing pleasure:

Severed Heads official website– for more information, hilarious commentary by Tom Ellard, purchase links, and more.

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