The Lost Patrol

Late night storms leave me a bit sleep-deprived this afternoon, and today’s choice is a band perfect for such moments. They are the Lost Patrol, a currently active dark dreampop outfit based in New Jersey.

The Lost Patrol has been gigging and recording since the late 1990s, combining a love of all things dreampop with soft touches of drum machines and synthesizers; the result an organic, dreamy sound reminiscent of Mazzy Star or Julee Cruise. The Lost Patrol sound much like the soundtrack those fleeting moments and late nights, powerful and ethereal female vocals leading an orchestra of lush instrumentation and catchy hooks. Despite their myriad of influences, the Lost Patrol sound completely unique, especially in these times.

Over the course of their tenure, the band has released five self-released full length records and an EP, each one developing their luxuriant soundscapes further as they perfect their craft.

For your ears today, I’ve uploaded three tracks. The first is the opening number from their 2004 record High Noon. The second is a featured and favorite song of mine from their most recent effort, 2007’s Launch and Landing. Last but not least, the third a sleigh-bell ridden dirge from Lonesome Sky, released in 2005.

download The Lost Patrol- ‘All Around’
download The Lost Patrol- ‘Only Love’
download The Lost Patrol- ‘Velveteen’

Though some of their earlier efforts are sadly out of print, all of their material is available on the Itunes music store to purchase, and most of their full-lengths can be ordered both directly from their website and through For more information on the band, I bring your attention to these links:

Official Lost Patrol homepage
The Lost Patrol on myspace
The Lost Patrol on

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Frankie! This is awesome and most appreciated! See you soon hopefully! I have a project for you as you seem to be the authority on all things post-punk. A fellow Chameleons friend of mine, a gal named Melanie from Maryland gave me a 7 song CD of songs recorded off the radio in the early 80’s of a predominantly post-punk show. She cannot identify the artists/songs. I cannot either. You or the likes of Andru and Josh at may have a clule. I’ll try to burn you a CD for when the next time I see you out. hint hint 9/14 in New Hope! 😉 Cheers, Eddie

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