Turn Pale

No synthesizers this time ladies and gentlemen, for today’s band is all organic, and as intense as can be. Furthermore, unlike most of the bands featured on this page thus far, they’re alive and well.

Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, Turn Pale is a powerful post-punk unit complete with razor-sharp rhythmic basslines, howling vocals, and shuddering guitar licks backed with thundering drums. The band’s fury and hypnotic rhythm draws comparisons to the likes of the Birthday Party and Public Image Ltd. while remaining fresh as ever.

On the band’s homepage, they describe themselves as 3 parts Factory, 1 part 4ad, and 1 part Mute, a fitting concoction that defines their cold, yet atmospheric blend of dance punk, which claims to be even more captivating live. As far as recorded output is concerned, Turn Pale has a duo of 7” releases and two full-length records in the can; 2003’s Kill the Lights and 2007’s Mock Trial/Hung Jury. Today’s audio treats are a pair of tracks, one from each of these records. In chronological order, no less!

download Turn Pale- ‘Peaceable Kingdom
download Turn Pale- ‘Fuseable Link’

and to catch a glimpse of the band’s intense live show, here’s a youtube video for ‘Lights Melt Away,’ recorded on tour for Kill the Lights.

For all comprehensive official site information, including a few more free mp3s, purchasing information, photos, and all that jazz, click this link:

Official Turn Pale homepage

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