I’ve heard about these folks for some time now, and have been itching to get ahold of more material. The band is Chi-Pig, a female-fronted wave trio hailing from Akron, Ohio.

The band formed in 1977, though members Susan Schmidt and Deborah Smith had previously been involved in 60’s girl group The Poor Girls. Chi-Pig got their curious moniker from a local barbecue joint and even curiouser, would take to wearing loud, Latin-inspired outfits, a style which had nothing in common with their jerky, post-punk sound. The band would come to some prominence in the wake of the success of similar-styled outfit Devo, but without securing a proper record contract, the band folded in 1982.

Until recently, only a handful of Chi-Pig tracks had been made available on various compilations and promotional discs. However, in 2004, the band released Miami, a full-length record consisting of 1979 recordings. From what I’m gathering from their official site, the band reunited for a one off-tour to promote a documentary honoring Akron’s music scene, but it’s unclear whether or not the band is still active.

For your listening pleasure, here’s a duo of Chi-Pig tracks, both featured on various compilations:

download Chi-Pig- ‘Apu Api (Help Me)’
download Chi-Pig- ‘Ring Around the Collar’

And here’s a few handy-dandy links for more on Chi-Pig:

Purchase Miami from
Official Chi-Pig site

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  1. Funny. I got a 7″, don’t remember the title, but very arty, in the Devo way (I thing they were from Akron, too).


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