Car Crash Set- Two Songs 12”

Today’s band, New Zealand wave act Car Crash Set, formed in 1983, rising from the ashes of pioneering underground post-punk act Danse Macabre. Upon the band’s demise, vocalist Nigel Russell would recruit a series of synth players pursue a more electronic direction with Car Crash Set. (Side note: their name points to the influence of pioneering wave track ‘Warm Leatherette’ by the Normal and the Ballard novel that inspired it, Crash).

The band would release one full length record (1984’s No Accident) as well as one EP and a handful of singles before splitting in 1986. I’ve uploaded both sides of their 1983-released Two Songs single for your listening pleasure:

Car Crash Set- Two Songs 12”
1. Outsider
2. Fall From Grace

Download links removed! Purchase the killer CCS reissue from Anna Logue records by clicking here!

Otherwise, that’s all I have on these gentlemen. Any more information about this fine band would be most appreciated!

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  1. Thanx for your kind words…you’ve covered it all really in a nut shell

    The band were approached earlier this year but German label Anna Logue for permission to release the two tracks you have posted. They also asked for any unreleased material. A compilation LP will be released later this year with eight tracks including three demos form an earlier period, and two different mixes of No Accident album tracks.

    I also hope to locate better copies of the 5 videos we did for upload to you tube.

    I’m a regular visitor to your blog and have been particularly enjoying the French tracks you have been posting lately. keep up the great work

    Kind regards

    Nigel Russell

  2. Great stuff. Picked up the aforementioned Car Crash Set at Marbecks in Auckland on a recent visit home. What a flashback, and look forward to more – and where’s “Justice”? 🙂

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