Mary Goes Round- 70 Suns in the Sky LP

Fulfilling a request for today with the first full length from late 80s coldwave band Mary Goes Round, released in 1989 on Lively Art Records. Mary Goes Round existed under various monikers as far back as 1986, supporting Sonic Youth on select tour dates. The band, consisting primarily of Jérôme Avril and Cécile Balladino (with various other members coming and going throughout their career), released a handful of albums and a few singles before calling it quits in 1991. These days, Jérôme is involved with a new project, entitled Brachko.


Mary Goes Round- 70 Suns in the Sky
1. Mary’s Garden
2. On my Way Back Home
3. Useless Day
4. Clouds and Clouds
5. Who Believes in Better Days ?
6. Eagle
7. Any Mary I See
8. The Nile Song (Pink Floyd cover)
9. Nightfall
10. Kiss me Love
11. Pink Shadow
12. She Said
13. Doubts

*download it here*

I’ve also stumbled upon the video for ‘Mary’s Garden,’ a very colorful and psychedelic affair. Watch below!

Mary Goes Round dot com, for anyone interested in more images, a full discography, and selected tidbits of information…

9 Responses to “Mary Goes Round- 70 Suns in the Sky LP”

  1. Zakey Tell Says:

    Thank you for these wonderful posts!! Mary Goes Round is one of my favourite cold bands!!! Thanx and thanx!!
    Hey, I would like to make a request: I’m looking for a new wave act from Belgium called Chow Chow! If you get, will be great!!!

    My e-mail:

  2. EXCELLENT POST!!!!!!!

  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    illusion: stay tuned, I may be posting up some Baroque Bordello soon, while I’m on a Coldwave kick.

    Zakey Tell: I’ll hit the usual channels soon and see if I can get ahold of some Chow Chow for you! Stay tuned!

  4. bondurant2001 Says:

    Thanks a lot !
    Mary goes Round should have been more successful, in the early 90s …


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hi there, love the site and all the sweet music to discover! Recently been digging all the coldwave bands and was particularly interested in finding more albums from Mary Goes Round. Especially their “Sunset” mini LP. It’s pretty hard to find but I suppose it did get re-released on the compilation double album “Way to wonderland…” I dunno, maybe I should track that down. Well, take care!


    e-mail at:

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Really love Mary Goes Round's 'Sunset' album, unfortunately I can't seem to be able to download '70 Suns…', it says the file is corrupt!
    Asylum Party's 'Borderline' is one of my favourites too, but my vinyl is battered and unplayable now 🙁


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Haven't been able to find the CD version of 70 Suns.., so much thanks for the upload! Hoping that their other albums get posted here as well.

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