Radio Free Europe- Laughoncue LP

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you today with Radio Free Europe’s lone LP, Laughoncue. Though a synthpunk/minimal wave band in theory, this US-based act has more in common with the strange art-experimentations of Bene Gesserit or Throbbing Gristle than say, The Screamers or Units, but all the same, this record is an interesting and captivating release.

Little is known about the band, as their discography begins with a few 7” singles in 1979, and ends with this record, released in 1980. If anyone has any further information about the band, feel free to pass it on!


Radio Free Europe- Laughoncue LP
1. Shock Corridor
2. It Likes You
3. Suggested Re-entry
4. Occupation of France
5. Fulda Gap
6. Adada
7. Falling Million Years
8. Whore of Babylon
9. A Couple Screams
10. Time between Seconds
11. Heart of the Matter

*download it here*

5 Responses to “Radio Free Europe- Laughoncue LP”

  1. ken adams Says:

    i used to collaborate with radio fre europe. i now make experimental film and various psychedelic digital media.
    here’s a current site with a recent video featuring personal recordings with terence mckenna and a video(Fleet) for Pablo Sandoz, colin angus’s (Shamen) new project.

    peace to all,
    ken adams
    aka- adada,
    rose x, big soma, magic carpet media.

  2. kingfeeb Says:

    Thanks for this. I've had a vinyl copy since the eighties, but it's pretty chewed up now. "It Likes You" and "Fulda Gap" are awesome experimental music.

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  4. Thanx for that post of Radio Free Europe’s ‘Laughoncue’. The LP record I owned once got stolen years ago and I’m glad to find their music here. Quite a cool and clever album: experimental but well composed, not just noisy but also atmospheric, presenting special soundscapes.

  5. Jean Bender Says:

    Just for saying that still in 2020 this record is so great and actual. I discovered this band just within the year, and it’s a perfect match.

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