Absolute Body Control- Numbers K7

Here’s some classic cream-of-the-crop minimal synth to wrap up this week, especially relevant as this band has just reactivated and is playing in the US this very moment.

I’ve uploaded a rare cassette release by Belgian act Absolute Body Control, whose origins date back to early 1980. The band featured a slightly rotating lineup throughout their early years, driven by Dirk Ivans. Pairing down from a three piece, the main contributors are Dirk and Eric van Wonterghem, a fan who joined shortly after the band released its first single. Absolute Body Control were among the first wave of Belgian electronic acts, and they developed a substantial cult following both on record and on stage.

In 1984, Dirk formed the Klinik, yet Absolute Body Control continued releasing cassettes until 1993, which saw the release of their lone compact disc, Eat This. The band was mostly inactive even before that and officially folded just after its release. However, demand in the new millennium led to several reissues of the band’s back catalog as well as several live festival appearances. Just recently A.B.C. took to the studio to re-record 13 of their best tracks, released as the Wind(re)Wind LP. An EP of new material was also released this year, and both will be available to purchase through iTunes and Amazon by June, though CD copies are now for sale through various outlets.

This featured release dates back to a 1982 cassette issue. Unlike the majority of their output, Numbers is exclusively instrumental, and each track is simply titled in numeric order (though original tracklistings are simply labeled “part one” and “part two” respectively). On that note, pardon the obvious lack of tracklisting. Without any further ado:

Absolute Body Control- Numbers K7

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED* – reissued as a digital release via Bandcamp!

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ll be missing tonight’s NYC gig, as I’ll be playing one of my own, but if you’re hip to it, drop on by the Music Hall of Williamsburg, if you aren’t coming to see us, that is. Otherwise, The band will be playing Saturday, April 5th in Los Angeles before flying back to Europe for some appearances. For all relevant information, click below:

Absolute Body Control on Myspace

and finally, a quick heads up: starting late next week, Systems of Romance will be offline for a spell while I’ll be kicking around New Orleans. However, this coming Wednesday, I will make it a point to upload another A.B.C. release with vocals to sweetly make up for the inactivity…

6 Responses to “Absolute Body Control- Numbers K7”

  1. soundhead Says:

    i’m pissed i have to miss these shows… i live in texas.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I use to have this. I think I will reldownload it. If I remember right, weren’t some of the tracks like the precursor demos to tracks that had vocals added on later releases? I heard Dirk’s new stuff. I ,personally, liked the originals better. For example, ” Is there an exit?” The original sounded better with the lady in the chorus then just Dirk alone. But, that is my opinion. Either way, this was and still is an awesome timeless band. I also think Dirk would have done better to just stick with the band instead of going with the maniacs into The klinik. They sounded too much like a skinny puppy wanna be like band to me. But, I would definitely go to the shows if I were anywhere near Ny. Thnx for everything going on here.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    There is only 30 minutes of music. This is A side of cassette. Where is B side with 30 minutes of music more?


  4. frankie teardrop Says:

    good call Pawel, I had the other six tracks separated for some odd reason. check back now for the entire cassette.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks man! Now is OK.

  6. saw them out here in los angeles. absolutely amazing. a band called medeo mutante opened for them. really good, too.

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