Various Artists- Some Bizzare Album LP/CD

Firstly, thanks to the responses to the debate, and for everyone’s support. I was a bit disappointed not to hear much from the other end of the spectrum, but the topic remains open if anyone has more to say on the subject. Otherwise, I’ve got two requests on my plate. The first is for Blue in Heaven’s second LP, but I’ll need to rip it from my vinyl copy unless I can track down a better digital source than the one I’ve got kicking around my computer. Stay tuned for that over the next day or so.

This second request hails from Australia, and it’s for the Some Bizzare Album, a 1981 compilation from the British independent label of the same name. This comp. announced the label’s launch with twelve tracks of unsigned minimal synth/early new wave artists compiled by label head Stevo Pearce. Of this early crop of artists, few stayed with the budding label, while others prospered under their guidance. As the label progressed, they signed a series of early industrial artists including Cabaret Voltaire, Psychic TV, Einsturzende Neubauten, and Coil.

The collection was originally released in 1981. It was pressed to CD in 1992 with a flipped running order: Side B plays before side A on the CD, which is the running order uploaded below. Though the CD is out of print to date, Some Bizzare will be re-releasing and expanding the collection sometime this year, so be sure to nab a copy when it hits the shelves! Otherwise, here’s the compilation details.

Various Artists- Some Bizzare Album
1. Blancmange- Sad Day
2. Soft Cell- The Girl with the Patent Leather Face
3. New Electrikk- Lust of Berlin
4. Naked Lunch- La Femme
5. The Fast Set- King of the Rumbling Spires
6. The Loved One- Observations
7. Illustration- Tidal Flow
8. Depeche Mode- Photographic
9. The The- (Untitled)
10. B-Movie- Moles
11. Jell- I Dare Say It Will Hurt a Little
12. Blah Blah Blah- Central Park

~Blancmange: Early new wave act, found some chart success on London Records. Split in 1987, but has since reformed and is rumored to be working on new material.
Soft Cell: This synth-pop duo should be old hat to the lot of you by now…The track featured on this compilation was almost deleted, cut in half by a studio mishap.
~Neu Electrikk : Formed in 1978, this more experimental wave outfit has a slim discography (I’ll track it down shortly). Their sax player joined The The for a short period of time.
Naked Lunch: Short lived wave outfit with three 7” singles under their belt. Formed in 1979, split by 1984.
The Fast Set: Very first 4AD act, this track is one of three tracks the band released during their short life. The other two can be found here.
The Loved One: Two man experimental synth project with one 7” and one full length record under their belt. Remastered versions are in the works!
~Illustration: Can’t find a ton of info about these guys…This track seems to be their only release.
~Depeche Mode: Not much I can say about these guys that hasn’t already been said. This track was recorded live in one take, and was the first track the band ever cut before signing to Daniel Miller’s Mute Records. This version’s a particular favorite of mine…
The The: Ever changing critically acclaimed act formed in 1978, and still active to this day. This particular track is a bit darker and more experimental than their successful records to follow.
B-Movie: This band stuck with Some Bizzare and earned some serious chart success in the UK, but split in 1985. Guitarist Paul Statham joined up with Peter Murphy to record Love Hysteria and Deep.
~Jell: Female fronted act, seems to be a studio collaboration consisting of some regular Clock DVA/Cabaret Voltaire contributors. This is their only release.
~Blah Blah Blah: More of a story set to music than an actual tune. Blah Blah Blah released one 7” in 1979 and one full length LP in 1981.

*download it here*

16 Responses to “Various Artists- Some Bizzare Album LP/CD”

  1. What I loved: Sad Day, Naked Lunch

    What I dug: Soft Cell, Moles, Photographic

    What I hated: Central Park

    And man, 4AD had humble beginnings. Music was good, but the vocals were terrible.

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    don’t you worry, i too, hate that ‘central park’ tune. everything else is fine in my book.

  3. Many thanks. Some great tunes. Soft Cell 😉

    Your blog is different. Keep it that way and go on.

    greetings from Holland

  4. Fantstic the B Movie and Naked Lunch tracks are my fav. I have Naked Lunches’ Rabies 7″ but thats it.

  5. Geisha Mermaid Says:

    I also have this compilation, on tape; I like the B-Movie and Soft Cell tracks, but both bands have many better songs…
    Nice blog, I check it frequently.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    You guys are all nuts. "Central Park" is the bomb.

  7. […] B-Movie, who combined catchy and punchy post-punk with a synth edge. You can find them on the Some Bizzare Album I posted a few weeks […]

  8. Simon Greenwood Says:

    Came to rip my original tape and found it’s stretched so I’m glad it’s still here. For all the humble beginnings of Depeche Mode, Soft Cell and the like, this is still in part a local post-punk compilation, either that or Lincolnshire really was a hotbed of new romantic bands. Favourite track was always ‘Queen of the Rumbling Spires’.

  9. Alex Sedgwick Says:

    I just got this LP on the CellulOid Label. I was asking the record store owner about Depeche Mode. I ended up finding Depeche Mode “Music For The Masses” LP on Sire. I also found a nice copy of “Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret” from Soft Cell. I had those both on CD previously, I just want everything on Vinyl at this time in my life. Anyways when I was ready to pay for my stack of records. The shop owner, Dave pointed out this this LP from the SOME BIZARRE label. I could not believe it, both Soft Cell & Depeche Mode were on this comp?? Plus B-Movie, Blancmange, Naked Lunch!??? My favorite track has got to be “I Dare Say It Will Hurt A Little” from Jell. This entire record is like gold to me. My first “blog” ever. I am not on Facebook. Contact Alex …………………….

  10. Richard K Says:

    Hi, had this album (still do) as vinyl from the initial release and have the CD. Favourite track is Observations by Th Loved One.

  11. I’m not sure if anyone will read this since this was posted almost a decade ago. But…I’m looking for more info on The Loved Ones. What was the title of their full-length album? I can’t get the myspace link to load because, well, it’s myspace and no one uses that sh*t in the year 2017.

  12. Wow. I bought this when it was originally released. Played it to death. Hence when I started ripping vinyl my version was really crackly. Great to be able to these tracks cleanly. In my opion there’s not a bad track on the album. Blown away that I now have it. Cheers!

  13. thank you

  14. Thank you had this on lp in 81 now I can hear it all again thanks

  15. F*** we are old. 🙂


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